Our Mission

Creating a social environment where people with differences can thrive.

Our Vision

Creating an AI engine to help people with differences

We know very well how different and diverse humanity is and want to celebrate all that makes us unique. Be that our emotions, our experiences, our bodies, or our religion — we strive to create a world where that diversity is validated and accepted.   Our mission is to create a social environment where people with differences can thrive.


Ashley, a voice messenger app with AI friends for stress and anxiety, someone you can always talk to.

  • Voice Message

    We detect emotion from the sound of sounds of voice.

  • Send Resources

    We send relaxing music, cute cat video to make user unwind.

  • Motivational Interviewing

    Based on therapeutic communication, our AI will respond to every messages users made.

  • Deep Learning

    By using Deep Learning Algorithm, we will create the next conversational AI

Our Team

Our Advisors

Our Principals

  • Diverse Matters

    We believe in the power of differences and we take pride in our team who comes from different cultures and backgrounds

  • Sharing information openly

    It is important for the team to share information openly and proactively. Listen well, and think deeply.

  • Making more mistakes than doing nothing

    Making mistakes is not only more honorable but also useful than doing nothing.

  • Seeking a better way

    We will always seek a better way. We can encourage and inspire each other. We don't settle, keep moving with passion.

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