We are creating a holographic virtual assistant for getting organized for ADHD


What we think & have anything else.

To create a social
system in which
differences can thrive.


Improved Lifestyle Through Technology

Using our technology, our goal is to develop solutions to the problems that people with ADHD face on a daily basis.

The internet may have the potential to rewire the human brain, increasing distractibility and restlessness. This results in a decrease in quality of life. Holoash aims to create an environment in which these individuals can focus on what they truly want to do, by supporting them in various aspects throughout their daily lives.

Our products will aid in scheduling and provide emotional support.



” Re-create social
structure with
- HoloAsh ”

There is a tree called Ash which appears in Norse mythology.
In the myth, the tree is considered to be the World Tree, the tree at the center of the planet, from which all in the world is created. People live their lives relying on this tree.

Our company HoloAsh has only just begun. In the manner of the World Tree, we aim to develop technology that will integrate itself into the lives of people everywhere.

Join us in this project so that we can create a new and better structure for our society together.


We got supports from incubator and Accelerator

Yoshua Kishi

Founder and CEO

Born in 1990.

ADHD entrepreneur. Expert of Cognitive Science and Liberal Arts.Founder of Lily, a media company producing distributed media. Lily gained over 3million views per month, with “The continuation of Intrinsic motivation” as its topic.

He founded HoloAsh in 2018, after combining his research into holograms with the idea to create a better world for people with developmental disorders, such as his own ADHD.

His blog: Medium



Digital Creator. Uses Unity, Max/MSP, TouchDesigner, C++. Alongside video production and electronic projects, he also works in developing and implementing technology for venture companies.

He joined HoloAsh after meeting Kishi at a project event in 2017.


Deep Learning Engineer

Skilled Electrical Engineer with demonstrated expertise in software design, object-oriented programming and algorithm development.

After graduated, he enagaged in some startups as Hardware Engineer and also Data Scientist.

He is also top 30% of Kaggle Contests.


Backend Engineer

He has been working as Backend Engineer mainly engaged in NodeJS and Mobile App.

He started to work as engineer after graduated high school and join Japanese startup.


NLP Engineer

He is now HoloAsh, Inc.'s consultant

Did Masters in Computer Science from Indian Institue of Science, Banglore. Having 4+ years of industry experience working in NLP and ML domain. Loves building NLU systems using cognitive calibration and deep learning techniques.