Unleashing the potential of the Anomaly


What we think & have anything else.

To create a social
system in which
difference thrives.


Improved lifestyle through technology

Using our technology, our goal is to develop solutions to the problems that people with potential such as ADHD face on a daily basis.

Internet rewrite human brain as distractive and fidget. We cannot endure a minute to talk or see something because massive notifications. We aim to create an environment in which these individuals can focus on what they truly want to do, by supporting them in various aspects throughout their daily lives.

Our products will aid in the creation of plans and provide support for users to stick to them, assist users to not forget things, and provide support in making minor everyday decisions.



” Re-create social
structure with
- HoloAsh ”

There is a tree called Ash which appears in Norse mythology.
In the myth, the tree is considered to be the World Tree, the tree at the center of the planet, from which all in the world is created. People live their lives relying on this tree.

Our company HoloAsh has only just begun. In the manner of the World Tree, we aim to develop technology that will integrate itself into the lives of people everywhere.

Join us in this project so that we can create a new and better structure for our society together.

Yoshua Kishi

Founder and CEO

Born in 1990.

ADHD entrepreneur. Expert of Cognitive Science and Liberal Arts.Founder of Lily, a media company producing distributed media. Lily gained over 3million views per month, with “The continuation of Intrinsic motivation” as its topic.

He founded HoloAsh in 2017, after combining his research into holograms with the idea to create a better world for people with developmental disorders, such as his own ADHD.

His blog: Medium



Born in 1995.

Digital Creator. Uses Unity, Max/MSP, TouchDesigner, C++. Alongside video production and electronic projects, he also works in developing and implementing technology for venture companies.

He joined HoloAsh after meeting Kishi at a project event in 2017.


Node.js / Python Engineer

Born in 1984.

After beginning his career as an engineer, he started his business as freelance engineer.

He enganged in project of Internet of things, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Proccessing.

His deep insight in NLP helps HoloAsh Technology.


Speech Recognition Engineer

Born in 1995.

He has been working as Sound designer and Speech Recognition Engineer.

He's doing Master degree now in Tokyo University of Technology at BioScience.


NLP Engineer

He is now HoloAsh, Inc.'s consultant

3+ years of industry experience working in NLP and ML domain.