Our Mission

Creating a social environment where people with differences can thrive.

Our Vision

Creating a safe and private space for people with differences

We know very well how different and diverse humanity is and want to celebrate all that makes us unique. Be that our emotions, our experiences, our bodies, or our religion — we strive to create a world where that diversity is validated and accepted.   Our mission is to create a social environment where people with differences can thrive.


weBelong, a social community app for teenagers who want to connect with others based on their interests


  • Connect Marginalized People

    weBelong is a social platform for minority people

  • Community for Minority

    Connecting people based on their interests

  • Talk with warm community

    You can share your problems with warm community

  • Voice Chat

    Use Voice Chat, and you can feel intuitive and fun!

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Our Team

Our Advisors

Our Principals

  • Inclusion Matters

    We believe in the power of differences and we take pride in having a team who comes from different cultures and backgrounds.

  • Open communication

    It is important for the team to share information openly and proactively. We strive for an open communication both within our team and with our business partners.

  • Making more mistakes than doing nothing

    We’re constantly working on our product to optimize the experience with data. As we work through fast sprints, we make sure to encourage each other.

  • User-First

    We develop and test our hypotheses by talking to our users frequently. We don’t stay trapped in our minds and reach out to test our product within its market.

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