UCLA Ambassadors

Experience Together Rather Than Mindless Scrolling with Wave



Networking Opportunities

The role often involves interacting with various stakeholders such as company representatives, campus staff, and fellow students. This can lead to valuable connections in your future career.

Marketing Experience

Campus ambassador gains a range of skills, from Leadership, communication, event management, to marketing and sales.

Resume Boost

Being a campus ambassador can be a significant addition to a resume, showing leadership, initiative, and a proactive nature.


Key Responsibilities

Recruit New Ambassadors

The program's strength lies in its numbers. Your first mission is to recruit dynamic individuals who can join our mission and spread the word.

Drive Installs

Tell the app to your friends, peers, and other contacts to install our app. This is not just about numbers but about bringing valuable tools and resources to the fingertips of fellow students.

Spread the Word

Use your influence, both online and offline, to create a buzz about the app. Host meetups with other ambassadors, share posts, testimonials, and success stories. Your voice will be the beacon that attracts others.




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