14 New Social apps to use 2024

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14 New Social apps to use 2023

The year 2024 is proving to be an exciting time for social media enthusiasts and creators.

With the continuous evolution of technology, we are witnessing a new wave of innovative social apps designed to cater to different interests and enhance users' online experiences.

From connecting with friends to finding your next favorite hobby, these 14 social apps will catch you.

1. wave: Spontaneous Video Chat

What is wave?

One Click Call

wave app makes staying in touch with your buddies a breeze.

Instead of dealing with complicated apps, all you have to do is tap a button to start a call.


No more stressing about planning or the nerve-wracking feeling of calling someone unexpectedly.

wave has made it so chatting with your friends is just a click away, making communication a piece of cake for you and your pals. Plus, it's super convenient and stress-free!


Meet new friends

wave lets you connect with friends of your friends when you're in group calls.

This cool feature is a real game-changer because it introduces you to new people who have mutual connections.

It's kind of like joining a virtual hangout where you could come across someone really interesting. This element of surprise adds a fun twist to your social interactions and makes them more exciting.

Maintain friendship

wave is about friendship, not for followers.

wave is designed to cherish authentic friendship instead of fake likes and followers.

If you already have friends, just invite your friends on wave and start sharing your life, chatting, and enjoy being together online.

2. Discord: a community where you can find new friends

What is Discord

is texting and voice chatting app for gamers, if you would like to be friends with gamer friends, discord is one of the great space to make friends. All you need is to talk to someone, so you should be extrovert at leason online.

How to make friends on Discord

There are so many servers for gamers or anime lovers actually.

This server is for all anime lovers who can have endless conversations about all things anime. If you are an anime fan, you are probably dying to discuss the latest scoop about your favorite characters.

The server is a friend’s cord for fun-loving, passionate people. The server is always budding with interesting conversations.

3. Nocam

What is Nocam

Nocam is a social video app that promotes a more authentic social networking experience by disabling the camera's preview feature while users film. This aims to make capturing moments feel more natural, as users won't be able to see their own image and become self-conscious or feel the need to edit their appearance. The concept is designed to resemble real-life interactions where people don't have a constant mirror reflecting their appearance.

What makes Nocam unique?

Users can engage with various prompts and challenges, such as performing a specific dance, spinning in a circle, or sharing their current activity. The prompts come with a random audio clip, and while recording, the camera view is blurred. Videos have a maximum duration of eight seconds, promoting quick and spontaneous filming. After recording, users can add a caption and share the clip with their network, rather than directly responding to the friend who shared the prompt with them.

4. Made with Friends (MW/F)

What is Made with Friends (MW/F)

Made With Friends (MW/F) is an app designed to help you uncover your true self through the perspectives of your genuine friends.

The app sets itself apart by having your friends create your profile. They do this by answering questions about you, tagging you in prompts, and capturing photos and videos of you.

MW/F is developed by TTYL Inc., the same company behind the popular 2021 app "Poparazzi" and the 2020 app "TTYL."


Tag your friends

Made with Friends looks like Twitter, and the system itself resembles Poparazzi app, but what is different from Poparazzi is tagging with questions.

You can tag them with phrases, for example, "@YourFriend often dreams of losing a basketball game."

As you tag your friend's personality and what your friend is likely to be like, the post will be added to his/her timeline.

"Your friends know you more than you do". This phrase fits Made with Friends.

5. IRL: social calendar app and make friends

What is IRL

is a social calendar app to do more together. It is more likely to use with friends, not like making new friends actually but still you can find friends as well. On google store, many people are concerning about privacy on IRL since it requires to allow access to your contacts.

Be friends on IRL

There is a function called Group you can create a community based on your interests, it will allow you to find new friends as well.

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6. Dispo: Invite-only instagram

Dispo is an invite-only app that brings back some of the fun of a disposable camera.

You can think of it like Instagram, but you cannot edit pictures. Dispo’s concept is simple with nostalgia and authenticity.

All you need is to take photos whatever you want likewise instagram, but the pictures need time to “develop.” You can’t see them until the following morning at 9 a.m.

Be friends on Dispo

You can just search to make friends, there are several people suggested for you (But most of them are unknown strangers actually).

You cannot filter out but just add and you can exchange some messages

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7. Amino: app to make anime friends 2023

What is Amino

is a nerd social media, it is difficult to understand how to use but I love it. You can co-watch some of anime together with strangers. Amino has bunch of communities around anime and you can discover likeminded fandom, and chat with them.

How to make friends on Amino

It could be difficult to understand Amino, since the userface is so complicated, but it can be fun once you get used to. All you need is to find your favorite communities based on your fandom. Users are watching live anime together and chatting about it. Amino is very popular social media among anime lovers.

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8. Yubo: Live chat and make friends

What is Yubo

One of the most popular app for teen is app called . yubo is designed to meet new teens and have group video call with your friends and new friends. More than 40 million teens are using people to connect with strangers and meet them.

How to make friends on Yubo

It’s more likely dating app but can have connections there too. I met a lot of creepy child predators there but still it’s good app to find good friends. Yubo calls itself a social media to chat and livestream with friends. In the google store, the ratings are 3.8. Users need to provide access to microphone and GPS. Users of the app can swipe right to say ‘yes’ and left for ‘no’, exactly as on Tinder and other dating apps. On Yubo, if both parties say ‘yes’, they are matched and can then chat and follow each other on Snapchat or Instagram. Users can also host live video streams or chats which are open for viewing. So strangers and friends alike can view such streamed events!

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9. Bumble: app to make new friends near you

What is Bumble

is well known app for dating but they have features to meet friends near you as well. Of course many of them seek for dating, but still you can make friends.

How to make friends on Bumble

You need to change modes from dating to friendship when you swipe, once you changed to friendship, you can simply swipe and exchange your contact.

10. Wink: make new friends app 2022

What is Wink?

is a place to make new friends from all over the world, there are so many people from asia and africa as well. You can swipe to add friends and talk with them online.

How to make friends on Wink

It’s as easy as swiping right and starting up a conversation with your potential new online bestie. Just be aware that there are so many catfishes, creeps and scammers on Wink, and there are so many creep adults who narrow down to teens.


11. Hey Vina!: make Girl friends 2023

What is Hey Vina!

is an app for any girlies out there. The app was designed specifically for women to meet female friends. You can choose your interests as well as your "life stage" because different moments in our lives might lead us to look for friends going through a similar situations.

How to make friends on Hey Vina!

Likewise other apps, you need to swipe right to add friends. You can chat there as well. Recently, as of 2022 February, they encounter problems in facebook login, so it could be difficult to use.

12. Untapped: Beer friends!

What is Untapped

Untapped is a social networking app to make friends who love beer. Discover and share great beers, breweries, and venues with your friends, while earning badges for exploring beers of different styles and countries.

Untappd provides a platform for users to rate the beer they are consuming, earn badges, share pictures of their beers, review tap lists from nearby venues, see what beers their friends are drinking, comment on checked-in beers, and ask the app to suggest similar beverages

How to make friends on Untapped

You can search friends and find friends near you on Untapped. You can see their profile and if the person looks decent, time to add friends. It's pretty easy and you can have potential friends who have the same tastes.

13. Waffle

What is Waffle app?

Quiet and focused, Waffle provides space for group journals to get that warm and fluffy feeling back, just like gathering with those you love. Those who make you feel safe and bring you energy. You can share a snap of your breakfast burrito with the world.

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Private Journaling with your friends

I think the waffle app is a place where people can say things to each other that they normally can't say. Or it would be a useful application for families or couples who have been separated by long distances.

It is a private place where we can collect our thoughts and share them with each other in our daily lives when our minds tend to be dominated by Tiktok and YouTube shorts.

14. Locket

What is Locket?

Locket app is an innovative social media application designed to bring friends and family closer by allowing them to share photos directly to the iPhone Home Screen. Acting as a social networking widget, Locket app enables users to display chosen photos on their device's home screen, providing instant access to memorable moments shared by loved ones.

The app's unique approach eliminates the need to open any application to view sent pictures from family, friends, or loved ones. With Locket app, users can enjoy a more personalized and intimate connection with their favorite people, all from the convenience of their iPhone Home Screen.

Private Photo Sharing

Unlike other social networks where you can find countless friends, Locket is more intimate. You can only add up to five friends on this app.

Social apps that allow you to share with many people are great, but they also limit what you share.

Have fun and make friends (2024)

Making friends is one of the way to keep your mental health better. There are so many apps which might go wrong, so please be aware and try to avoid bad review apps.

List of all make friends apps 2024

Discord / Yubo /Untapped / Peanut / MeetMe / LiveU / Bumble / Tinder / LiveMe / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / wave app.

Those are apps which have good reviews and trustable. Enjoy making friends!

Making friends online tips

Here are 3 tips to make friends online!

1. Intimacy Acceleration test

Intimacy Acceleration test is based on the study done by Arthur Aron, a proffessor psychology at the State University of New York.

The idea is to make 36 questions which make your friendship or relationship stronger.

2. Be honest with each other

Being honest with each other is very vital in any relationship. The key to make your friendship strengthen and healthy is to talk about both feeling honestly. Sometimes you don't like the idea or you might feel negative things toward your friends, if you want to make it healthier, tell the feeling you have, and ask your friends to open up.

Both will not get tired of being patient all the time, will understand true feelings.

3. Respect boundaries

Your friends are not yours, they have own life as well, and you need to understand the fact that they are not. yours. Sometimes friend goes through a rough time, if you are happy to help, do that but unless you don't have to feel the obligation to help them. You have your own life too, and it is vice versa.

Even if your friends text back for a day, it doesn't mean they don't luke you anymore.

They might be spending busy day, go though a tough time. Understand that they are not your tools to lift your mood.

List of apps to cherish friends IRL

  1. wave

  2. Discord Discord:

  3. Nocam

  4. Made with Friends

  5. IRL

  6. Dispo

  7. Amino

  8. Yubo

  9. Bumble

  10. Wink

  11. hey!Vina

  12. Untapped

  13. Waffle

  14. Locket

New social apps 2024

  1. BeReal(Since Jan 21, 2020)

BeReal is the first Uncontrollable social media to share an authentic moments in Photo. Everyday at a random time, everyone has to capture a Photo in 2 minutes. Capture and post in time to discover what your Friends are up to.

  1. We3 (Since Apr 7, 2017)

We3 focuses on helping you meet people who are "shockingly similar" through its "Smart Matching" algorithm. You are presented with a number of Tinder-like cards that indicate values/beliefs/activities/interests, and you swipe left or right to select the one you like. You will then be matched with people who are into similar things.

  1. wave (Since October, 2023)

wave is new app where you can enjoy spontaneous video chat among your friends!

  1. Purp app (Since Jul 11, 2020)

Purp is one of many apps to make new friends from all over the world. Discover new cultures, meet new people and start your own adventure.

  1. Lapse app (Jun 25, 2021)

Lapse is more likely to be app among friends like wave. Lapse, an app that lets users form groups, and then lets those groups collaborate, wherever they are, to take spontaneous pictures on collective “rolls” of 36 photos that are then “developed”. So it seems like exactly Dispo, but slightly different.

  1. Retro (July 2023)

Retro is a fresh photo app that brings back an age-old concept to the forefront of your feed: your real friends. Check out this screenshot of the 'Retro' app on a smartphone!



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