14 Popular Social Media Apps for Teenagers YOU NEVER KNOW

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Top 14 Social Media apps for teens

When you are bored, what would you do? I will introduce you 10 social media apps to find new friends, talk to friends, stay in touch with friends in a fun way.

Popular social media apps List and install link

  1. weCall app:
  2. BeReal
  3. F3:
  4. Instagram
  5. Yubo:
  6. YouTube
  7. iMessage Game
  8. Poparazzi: (Close)
  9. Tiktok
  10. Whisper
  11. Lapse
  12. Dispo
  13. Locket
  14. Nocam

1. weCall: Front & Back Camera Video Call

What is weCall?

Have you heard about "weCall"? weCall opens front & back camera video on the video call, that looks more engaging video call.

It's a cool new app that lets you hang out with your friends virtually!

You can chat, laugh and do all sorts of fun things together, just like you're in the same place.

weCall enables you to create content as well by allowing you to have a video call without violating your privacy.

What you can do on weCall

1. Invite your friends and start a call

Just like Whatsapp, Snap, or any call apps, all you need is to add them on weCall or add on the iPhone contact to start a call.

2. Open Front and Back Camera

You can just open both front and back camera to show what you see!

When you are traveling, trying to meet up at the station, or just showing your dogs, weCall might be the perfect app!

3. Change Background

Then, you can change the background whatever you want. You can start dancing together, watch NBA or NFL, etc.

Download pics or videos from somewhere and start experiencing new immersive call.

4. Record and Share

You can record a call itself to share on other social on weCall. weCall enables you to record both voice and video simultaneously likewise zoom!

Apps where teen friends connect

weCall is about friendship. weCall is a place where genuine friends connect and be themselves.

By using weCall, you're showing that you value real connections over mindless algorithmic manipulation and toxic competition for followers.

Create Content together

The possibility of weCall is limitless. You can create content for YouTube, Tiktok etc as well.


It's all depending on your creativity!


Diverse and inclusive social media

weCall is founded by Yoshua who describes himself weirdo. He has ADHD and he has been alone since he was a child because of slight dif


weCall is for teens to be better self.

weCall is trying to reinvent video communication, a place where the goal is not to get likes, but to help others, to interact and cherish friendship.

weCall is trying to make the video call interesting by using green screen technology.


2. BeReal: One of the most popular among teens

Of course BeReal, it is the most popular social media app for teenagers, they do snap streak, share stories and use filter. In 2020, Snapchat had an average of 218 million daily active users that generated over three billion snaps a day.

Most used social media among teenagers

BeReal is getting popular among teens suddenly at 2022, and now it is getting so popular.

Bereal is a social media notifying you at a random moment every day to take a photo within 2 minutes, meaning that you cannot edit or filter photos but you can only post photos from camera at the moment you got notified.

Bereal is social media for authenticity

Likewise Poparazzi, Bereal is trying to build genuine and less toxic social media for teens.

On Instagram, Body image issues are real, which many of teens develop eating disorder.

So Bereal is one of the social media app to make it less toxic and better for mental health.

3. F3: Annonymous Q&A Social Media

F3 is also brand-new app to find friends and stay in touch likewise weCall app. But F3 is an annoymous QA social media for teenagers. This is very unique and fun! Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 16.46.51

F3 is story style Q&A app for teens

F3 is a social app to make annonymous questions and messages in a tiktok style. You can either ask or answer questions by text or videos like story style on Instagram.

Use it when you are bored

The typical user is a (bored) teenager, with the user base being reported as 65% female and 60% Europe / 20% LatAm / 20% Rest of World at this point. (They’re not breaking out any active user metrics but claim 80% of users have been on the app for more than three months at this point.)

4. Instagram

Instagram popular social media app for teenagers.

Instagram has bunch of functionality to edit image and videos in a variety of format; reels, story and posts. There is also a private messaging feature that is used by teenagers the most. You can share stories on dm as well and it is one of the way to communicate with friends.

Instagram and body image issues

That's according to reporting from The Wall Street Journal, which showed that the company's internal research proved that Instagram worsens body image issues and erodes mental health, especially for teenage girls.

5. Yubo: Live Chat app for teens

Yubo is fun app to have live chat and join the community to meet new people. It's also used for dating as well but there are tons of scammers so you need to be careful.

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 16.51.05

Live Streaming social media app

Yubo is renowned for its live-streaming capabilities. With live-streaming, you can have up to ten people participating with you, and the number of viewers is infinite. Streamers can only join if they receive an invitation from the host or member hosting the live stream.

6. YouTube

YouTube popular social media app for teenagers of course.


MATTYBRAPS is one of great youtuber, who has over 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! Matthew Morris, known as MattyBRaps, is a children’s singer hailing from Georgia. Morris primarily creates song covers and remixes that he posts each week. His most viewed video to date is a music video of the popular song, “Stereo Hearts” by Gym Glass Hereos, which has garnered over 239 million views.

Study with YouTube

YouTube is used by approximately 85% of teens, making it the most popular social media apps today.

Not only being a fun place to enjoy content, but also being education platform to get new knowledge. Sometimes teens just open YouTube to listen to music making them focused.

Here is my favorite YouTube to get focused.

7. iMessage Game

As long as your iPhone is updated to iOS 11 or higher (which it almost definitely will be, unless you've been putting off updates since 2017), you can download a number of different iMessage games to play with your friends.

Most fun game on iMessage

Four in a Row is the iMessage adaptation of the classic game of Connect 4, and it’s pretty fun. If you’ve never played before, the idea is simple. You drop red or yellow discs into a grid, aiming to be the first to get four in a row.

There’s a decent amount of strategy here as a lot of success is down to your ability to block your opponent and outwit them. Simple to learn, and quick to play through, it suits the iMessage platform perfectly. Just don’t expect gripping visuals or anything like that. It’s about as rudimentary as, well, the original game it’s based on.

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 16.55.57

8. Poparazzi: Social media to be paparazzi (Shut Down)

Poparazzi is a new social media which make you paparazzi of your friends, so you will take photos of your friends and tag on poparazzi.

Sadly it shuts down.

Anti-Instagram Social Media

Poparazzi explains themselves as anti-Instagram, rebelling against today’s social feeds filled with edited photos, too many selfies and “seemingly effortless perfection.” as I explained body images issues on Instagram.

People’s real lives are made up of many unperfect moments that are worthy of being captured and shared, too

9. Tiktok

TikTok is the most popular social media app for teenagers nowadays. There are bunch of influencers you should follow such as Avery Cyrus. So much content is generated day by day.

TikTok is another video-sharing social network. Unlike YouTube, it allows only to post real short videos. It mostly features teens lip-synching to famous songs but also includes some original songwriting and singing. Users can build up a following among friends or share posts publically. Gaining followers and fans feel important here. There are various TikTok influencers, and your teen might be following many of them.

Not just video sharing but information to search for teens

10 years ago, teens tend to google to search what is going on in the world, teens nowadays tend to tiktok to see what is world looking like.

10. Whisper

Whisper popular social media apps for teenagers

It is a social media app that lets teens express who they are. Because of its anonymity, the Whisper app is not safe for kids at all.

11. Lapse: Photo-sharing for teens

No edit with authenticity. This is so trend, every social media app for teens are like this, so do lapse.

Lapse is more likely to be app among friends like weCall app. Lapse, an app that lets users form groups, and then lets those groups collaborate, wherever they are, to take spontaneous pictures on collective “rolls” of 36 photos that are then “developed”. So it seems like exactly Dispo, but slightly different.

12. Dispo

Dispo could be more likely to be young adults platform where they can share images, very similar to Lapse app.

The system is very similar since it will take a day to photo be posted on Dispo.

Dispo is more likely to be Instagram, so if you are tired of IG, it could be your place to share photos. Not only teens but also adults are there so please be careful.

13. Locket

Unlike those huge social networks where you can pile up tons of friends, Locket keeps things real and close-knit likewise weCall app.

You're only allowed to add up to five friends on this app. Yeah, apps where you can share stuff with a whole crowd are cool, but they also kinda restrict what you feel free to share.

And as the name hints, you can share your pics as widgets, not just inside the app, but also right on the home screen.


14. Nocam

What is Nocam

Nocam is this cool social video app that's all about keeping things real. It turns off the camera's preview while you're filming, so you can't check yourself out and get all self-conscious or feel like you have to fix up your look.

The whole idea is to make recording stuff feel more natural, like you're just living your life and not constantly peeking in a mirror. It's meant to be more like real life, where you don't always see your own face.

What makes Nocam unique?

You can get in on all kinds of prompts and challenges on this app, like busting out a special dance, doing a spin, or showing off what you're up to. Every prompt comes with a surprise audio clip and while you're recording, you won't see yourself clearly 'cause the camera view gets all blurry.

The videos are short and sweet, capped at eight seconds max, so it's all about fast and fun filming. Once you've got your clip, you can slap on a caption and share it with your whole squad, instead of just replying to the friend who sent you the prompt.

Positive Side of Social Media for teens

Social media is great in terms of building connection, feeling like less lonely, finding new friends, and staying touch with them.

Since covid makes us separated, it is good to have live conversation or texting friends.

Negative Side of Social Media for teens

The negative side of social media is about being insecure, feeling fomo because of number of likes, or body image issues. Too much time spent scrolling social media can result in symptoms of anxiety or depression and lower self-esteem, and they all are because you compare with others by number of followers or friends.

Be yourself!



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