20 Texting games on Group Chat

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20 Texting games on Group Chat

When you are bored, texting would be a great thing to do among friends or online friends.

These are 20 texting games done both in a group chat and direct messaging! You might not know some of them since I come up with them!


1. The Great Pretender

The Great Pretender is a new texting game

The Great Pretender is a new texting game, one will decieve other members and others will try to find out who is the pretender.

How to play The Great Pretender on Group Chat

There is a game master who will decide who is the pretender, and on the direct message, the game master will appoint one pretender, then the other members are detectives, so only game master knows who is the pretender, but participants don't know who is the pretender. Detectives will try to find out who is the pretender by discussion.

Then, on group chat, when it starts, detectives will try to detect who is the pretender in 3 min.

After 3 min talk, master will call a vote, and all of detectives will vote to one person who looks like pretender.

If the votes for pretender surpass other detectives, detectives win, otherwise the detective who got the most votes from all participants will be expeled.

And then, discuss 3 min again, votes, and repeat until the detectives becomes only 1.

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Examples of The Great Pretender texting

A, B, C, D, and E start the Great Pretender.

A, as game master, sends roles to B, C, D, and E via direct message.

B is the Pretender, the other members are Detectives, and so on. B, C, D, and E discusses who is the Pretender.

B "Who do you think is the Pretender?" C "I don't know, but B is suspicious." D "The first person to start talking is suspicious." B "No, I'm not a Pretender." E "I'm definitely not either" D "I'm suspicious of anyone who uses the word 'definitely'"

Now it's time for a three-minute vote. Please cast your vote. B: I think I'm a C C: I think B. D: I vote C. E: I'd say C for sure!

A: Voting is over, C had 3 votes, so C was expelled, C was not a Pretender, let's discuss again for 3 minutes.

.... And repeat!

Mutiple pretenders rule

If there are over 5 members, pretenders will be 2 people, and the master should tell those pretenders who is the other pretender.

2. Never Have I Ever

The best texting game among couples or friends

Never have I ever is well known game and the best for couples or friends. This simple game might be done both in a direct texing and group chat as well.

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 22.17.16

How to play Never Have I Ever on Group Chat

The rules of Never Have I Ever are very simple: Players take turns listing potential experiences they've never had. If someone has done the action in question, just answer honestly (In reality they take a shot or a sip).

The texting game in "Never Have I Ever" allows you to change the content of the game depending on who you are doing it with. If you are playing with more intimate friends, you can ask more in-depth questions that you might not normally want to ask. If you are playing this game with people you don't know at all, you can start with more generic questions.

3. 20 Questions (texting game anyone)

The best texting game among couples or friends

Whether you're a little bored or just want to get to know someone new, "20 Questions" is always a classic.

20 Questions is, in a word, a guessing game.

Not only can you pass the time by texting when you are in a group chat with friends, but you can also get to know your friends better.

How to play 20 Questions on Group Chat

It is a game for two players, but can also be played in groups. One player sets a word and the other or all the others must guess it within 20 questions.

The word can be anything, but preferably it can be an artist, drama, fruit, animal etc. Anything that everyone will know. If you are playing this game as a couple, you may want to set up a memory to help remember them.

The person asking the question will ask the person who set the word a question that can only be answered with Yes or No.

The question could be, for example, "Is that an animal?" or "Is it round?" and so on, and try to recall the question object by asking it from various angles.

matthew-ball-TFE -9eLmEs-unsplash (1)

4. Who am I?

Texting game to see who is the person

The "Who Am I" texting game is a game for friends to find common interests.

How to play Who am I? on Group Chat

In the "who am I" hand-kissing game, we ask each other questions and each other answers. The question is always, "Do you like xxx?" or "Do you dislike xxx?" and so on.

Do you like cats? Do you like KPOP? and so on, you will get to know them better.

If you do this within a group, it can get a little chaotic, so make it clear who you are asking by mentioning their names.

5. Name the city texting

What is Name the city texting

The name the city texting game is a fun game with a bit of intelligence. What you have to do is simple: how many names of cities or states can you come up with that you know?

How to play Name the city on Group chat

The rules are simple. Several people take turns naming cities or states around the world. The name of the city must start with the last letter of the name of the city that the previous person came up with.

Example among people A, B and C.

A: Let's start name the city

A: Rio de Janeiro

B: Ohio

C: Oakland

A: Delaware

B: Essen

C: Newcastle

Like this.

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 22.18.06 (1)

6. Emoji Translation

Emoji Translation is simple and fun texting game

"Emoji Translation" is a fun game that can be played with anyone in texting. However, it is more enjoyable if you have as much in common as possible, so it is more fun if you are close friends or have common interests.

How to play Emoji Translation on Group chat

The rules are simple.

You send a text to your friends using emoji, and ask them to interpret the text and reply. The fun is in seeing who can get as accurate as possible and who can come up with the funniest reply.

For example, "👀🏀" can be translated as "watching basketball" but might be better to text "🎥🏀". This is just a simple example, but with so many emojis, there is no limit to how creative you can get with your writing.

Theme based Emoji Translation

Example: Anime, My Hero Academia

🥦 = Deku

🔥 ❄️ = Shoto

🎧 = Jiro

Example: Netflix show, Never Have I Ever

🇺🇸 🇯🇵 😎 = Paxton Hall Yoshida

📚 💪 = Ben Gross

😭 🏫 🛕 = Lyle Shapiro

🤖 🏳️‍🌈 = Fabiola Torres

7. Would you rather

"Would you rather" is an easy texting game

"Would You Rather" is a fun texting game, and it's also known as “this or that.” or “either-or”

The Would You Rather game requires you and your friend to pick one of two difficult choices.

How to play "Would you rather"

Just simply coming up questions which requires to pick your choice, for example, "Would you rather go deep-sea diving or bungee jumping?" , "Would you rather be poor and work at a job you love, or rich and work at a job you hate?"

There could be so many questions you can come up with so be creative!

Bored? Have a VR Chat on your phone

8. Chain Story

Creative game to make you out of boredom

Chain story is a bit complicated game, but it is so fun. If you love fantasy or imaginary story, you are going to love it.

How to play Chain Story

First person start with a phrase "Once upon a time, xxxx" and friends continue next sentence, and you will ad next, and repeat.

So you and your friends will create a story together.

You: "Once upon a time, dragons kept humans as pets."

Friends: "Human was kept in the cage to be eaten by Dragons"

You: "Human was feeded by them, mostly human was eating frogs"

Friends: "There was a guy called Ben, who is trying to change the situation, and the story is about him"

Something like this!

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 22.18.58 (1)

9. Friendship Tag

The best game among BFF

How well does your best friend know you? That could be a thing you all think about when you talk about your BFF. By Friendship tag, you can learn new things about each other, share secrets and inside jokes, and bond even more.

How to play Friendship Tag

In Friendship Tag, best friends ask each other questions on a variety of topics. These include questions about their friendship, likes and dislikes, values and preferences.

For example, What is our favorite common joke? Who plays basketball better – you or me? It will depend on your friendship, so you can talk about your friendship very well by those questions. It could be secrets, jokes among BFF, or something related to hobbies.

10. Friends Tag Introduction

The best group chat texting game

Friends tag introduction is the best game to make it in the group chat. This is the best texting game to know your friends and your other common friends and it helps your friends connect with other new friends.

If you have several friends who don't know each other yet but seem to hit it off, invite them to

How to play Friends Tag Introduction

Friends Tag Introduction texting game is a game in which you make mentions on behalf of your friends about what they like to do.

For example, if your friend likes Game of Thrones, you say "Friend A likes Game Of Thrones." If your other friends like Game of Thrones as well, the other members of the group agree with you, saying "Same here" if they like it, or "Nah" if they don't like it.

The larger the group, the more people you will have in common, so try it out by inviting as many people as you can to join the group chat.

11. WWYD?

Deep texting game and discussion game

WWYD, What would you do?", is easy to play and leads to deep conversations among friends or even strangers.

How to play WWYD?

The rules of the "What would you do" question game are simple.

You are given one hypothetical question and three options to answer. You then choose the scenario that you like best. If none of the options ring a bell, you can talk to your friends about your own ideas of what you would do. Talk about your decision and discuss it with your friend.

Examples of WWYD

A. What would you do if you could change the place to live right now?

  • I would live in NYC because it is sophisticated
  • I would live in Hawaii because it is chill
  • I would live in Japan because it is safe and cheap

B. What would you do if you could control time?

  • I would stop time to help people who are about to get accident
  • I would speed up time when I get cramps and get over the pain.
  • I would slow up time when I am with my crush

C. What would you do if you could transform yourself into any animal?

  • I would be a cicada since I've heard that when they get out from the ground and fly, their joy surpasses any feeling.
  • I would be a cat so that I would be in the safe space and loved
  • I would be a bird so that I could fly!

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 22.25.55 (1)

12. Trivia on Group Chat

Intelligent texting game

The appeal of trivia is that it is intelligent. Not only is it a great way to pass the time, but it is also a lot of fun to learn something new.

How to play Trivia on Group chat?

First, you and your friends pick a category that you all know.

Then you ask each other different questions from the chosen category. You get 1 point for each correct answer, and the first person to get 10 points wins.

History Trivia

Trivia Question: What was the family name of the Russian rulers from the 17th century until the 1917 revolution?

Answer: Romanov

Trivia Question: Trivia Question: Which organization has 193 member countries?

Answer: United Nations

Trivia Question: What is the best selling novel of all time?

Answer: Don Quixote

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 22.28.19 (1)

Chemistry Trivia

Trivia Question: What do you mean by the “universal solvent”?

Answer: Water

Trivia Question: In chemistry, the symbol “S” is represented by?

Answer: Sulfur

Trivia Question: Lightning strikes produce which gas, hence the characteristic smell after lightning storms?

Answer: Ozone

13. Just a riddle

Riddle is fun!

Riddles are not only tricky fun but also meaningful sometimes. The more you do, the more you will learn how to solve the problem, it will suggest you how to see the world as well.

Examples of riddles

A. The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I?

  • Fingerprint

B. What kind of room has no walls or corners?

  • Mushroom

C. A dog crosses the river without getting wet, and without using a bridge or boat. How?

  • The river was frozen

14. Draw the thing

Drawing and texting

If you love art, definitely you will love this game, but even if you don't like art, this game is fun as well.

How to play Draw the thing?

The game is so simple, one will say something to draw in 5 min, and draw, then take a pic and show each other.

Some might draw so well, others might draw so bad and that is the funniest part!

This texting is fun, and the more diverse it is, the more fun it will be, and the best part is what kind of things let people draw.

If the owner says "Humanized Takoyaki" what kind of objects would you draw? It should be depending on people!

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 22.29.18 (1)

15. Kiss, Marry, Kill (KMK)

Traditional texting game to see the preference

KMK is a social forced choice question and answer game, list up some of celebrities or fictional characters and answer who do you want to kiss, marry or you just kill.

That will reveal your preferences since kiss and marry will be totally different, and there is the hardest choice kill as well.

How to play Kiss, Marry, Kill

Think of your three closest friends of the ideal crush, and Now, try to determine which one you’d rather kiss, which one you’d rather marry, and which one you’d kill.

It is so personal so could be better to do with your best friends or partners.

16. Make it possible

Creative game to do on texting

Make it possible is a creative texting game which might require some of knowledge to make everything possible!

How to play Make it possible

First, one of the player will say something that sounds impossible right now, then, the other will come up with the idea how to make it possible.

For example, one of the player says "Rabbits cannot fly". So the other will say, "Rabbits can fly because they have large drones attached on their back."

17. Find the hidden words

Find the hidden words reveal their desire?

Find words is very common game on social media. It is said that will reveal your hidden desire, human see what they wanna see...

How to play Find the hidden words on GC

All you need is some of pics which contain a lot of random letters, and find words among those random letters.


18. Where am I?

Fun to play if you are outside

If you are outside and you have time, like waiting for somebody and bored, this texting game will be fun to play.

How to play "Where am I" on group chat

You will first determine some of the most distinctive parts of the place. First, you will ask, "Guess where am I?" From there, you give hints as you go. your friend will guess where you are. You can be vague or specific.

If it is times square, you could say there are some weird costume people, big buildings, famous for celebration etc.

19. Abbreviations

Abbreviations is so fun!

There are several well known abbreviations such as aka, rn, yk, jk, etc. So you can come up with some of ideas of

How to play Abbreviations

To play this game, you have to pick a category, mention an abbreviation or acronym in that category and your friend has to tell you the correct meaning of the abbreviation or come up with new abbreviation.

Examples of Abbreviations

?4U: question for you LLOL: Literally laugh and loud TIME: Tears in my eyes SOML: Story of my life

20. Make a meme

Making memes

In this game, you and your friends will make a meme. Not by sharing the well known meme, but you got to be creative and come up with a great caption to a picture that is shared!

How to play "Make a meme"

Go to Instagram, Twitter and discover some of the content on discovery tab on their app, and take screenshot, then share on the group chat and caption each other.

Animal pictures could be easy, and there are some selfies that you can use those selfies as well.


Let's say you need to caption this pic, how would you say?

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 2.41.06

Could be...

  • Me trying to hug someone whose height is 7'7.
  • About to jump to punch the person who cheated on my partner

21. Texting game that AI genererated

After writing this, I asked my AI to generate new texting game.

What I asked "Give me texting game idea which is not existing in this world yet"

The answer was like this Come up with creative responses to open-ended prompts.

For example, the game could give players a prompt like

"Describe a situation where you had to think on your feet"

and players would have to come up with a unique and interesting response.

The game could keep score based on how creative and well-written the responses are, and players could compete against each other to see who can come up with the best answers.

Recommendation for texting game

There are so many other texting game all over the world, so if you have any other suggestions, email us at info@holoash.com



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