50 Checklist Moving to College

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50 Checklist Moving to College

Moving to college is a significant rite of passage, marking the transition from childhood to adulthood. Along with all the excitement and challenges of this new phase, students also experience changes in their social lives.

Stay in touch with friends with wave.


Tech & Entertainment

1. Laptop

Apple MacBook Air (M1, 2020) is one of the most popular choice among students for its lightweight design, impressive performance due to the M1 chip, and great battery life.

Dell XPS 13 is compact, powerful, with an excellent display, this laptop is suitable for general tasks and basic computing needs.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4: Offers a comfortable keyboard, a sharp screen, and robust performance.

Those are recommended for students to use

2. Apps to use

wave app


wave is a new video chat popular among college students. wave will notify you when you jump onto video chat rather than making annoying call. Also, you will be able to know your friends availability so that even if you are away from your friends or family, you will know when is the right time without preparation.



wave is all about keeping things spontaneous. You can jump into a chat with your friends whenever you want, making it easy to catch up on the latest gossip or share a funny story.

You might be able to chat with friends of friends as well! This serenedipity is very unique experience.


wave is keeping it real as well. It's designed to foster authentic connections with your friends. No need for filters or fancy effects – just be yourself and have a great time.



A versatile note-taking and organization tool.

For each class, create a new page using a consistent template. This template could include:

  • Course name, professor's details, class timings, and location.
  • Syllabus or course outline.
  • Assignments, projects, and exams section.
  • Notes section for lecture notes.
  • Resources section for links to readings, videos, etc.

3. Headphones or Earbuds

Noise-canceling can be a lifesaver. AirPods is one of the best one, especially if you are in the dorms with someone else, this will help you away from noisy snore.

4. Phone Chargers

Consider getting an extra. Sometimes it gets stolen if you are in the dorm.

5. USB Drive

For backing up important documents. Some college still requires this.

6. Streaming Device

Like Roku or Amazon Fire Stick for movie nights. No movie No life!

Room Essentials

7. Bedding

Twin XL sheets, pillow, pillowcases, comforter, and mattress protector. It's essential for a good night's sleep and plays a vital role in our overall health and well-being. When considering what's important for bedding, multiple factors come into play to ensure comfort, durability, and hygiene. Here's a detailed overview.


The material of your bedding can affect both comfort and health.


Breathable and soft, it's the most popular choice.


Natural and moisture-wicking, it keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.


Thread Count

It refers to the number of threads woven together in a square inch of fabric. While a higher thread count often means softer sheets, the type and quality of the material can be more important than thread count alone.


Ensure the sheets and mattress protectors fit your mattress dimensions. This is particularly important for fitted sheets, which should snugly cover your mattress without slipping off.

8. Towels

Bath and hand towels. The best towels is actually on Amazon.com. Soft hues are truly appealing, and the numerous positive reviews speak volumes.

9. Laundry Bag

And some detergent pods.

10. Lamps

Desk and bedside.

11. Trash Can

With liners.

12. Storage Solutions

Under-the-bed containers, over-the-door hooks, and storage bins.

13. Alarm Clock

Yes, even in the age of smartphones. There are some funny products like flying alarm!

Screenshot 2023-09-17 at 22.25.20 (1)

14. Full-length Mirror

For those outfit checks. Don't mess your life!

15. Small Safe

For valuables. You can buy at Home Depot.

16. Fan: Dorm rooms can get stuffy.

Kitchen & Food Supplies

17. Mini Fridge

For snacks and drinks. You can put this on your bedside.

18. Microwave

If your dorm allows it.

19. Coffee Maker or Kettle

A caffeine source is crucial.

20. Dishes & Utensils

A plate, bowl, mug, fork, knife, and spoon will suffice.

21. Can Opener

For those canned goods.

22. Reusable Water Bottle

Stay hydrated.

23. Non-perishable Snacks

Think granola bars, ramen, and trail mix.

24. Cleaning Supplies

Dish soap, sponge, and surface cleaner.

Personal Care & Health


Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and soap.

26. Shower Caddy

To carry your toiletries.

27.Shower Sandals

For shared bathrooms.

28. Medication

Prescription drugs and a basic first aid kit.

29. Eyecare

Glasses, contact lenses, and solutions.

30. Haircare

Hairbrush, comb, and styling tools.

31. Feminine Products

As required.

32. Health Insurance Information

Always important.

Study Supplies

33. Backpack

Preferably with a laptop pocket.

34. Notebooks, Binders, and Folders

For different subjects.

35. Writing Tools

Pens, pencils, highlighters.

36. Sticky Notes & Index Cards

For reminders and flashcards.

37. Planner

To keep track of assignments and appointments.

38. Calculator

Based on your major's requirements.

39. Textbooks

Buy, rent, or borrow.

Personal Touches & Extras

40. Photos

Of family and friends.

41. Wall Decor

Posters, string lights, and wall art.

42. Area Rug

To cozy up the space.

43. Comfort Items

A favorite throw blanket or stuffed toy.

44. Board Games & Playing Cards

For social nights.

45. Umbrella

Because you can't predict the weather.

46. Transportation

Bicycle, scooter, or a reliable pair of shoes.

47. Reusable Bags

For grocery shopping.

48. Documents

ID, passport, social security card, bank documents, and other essentials.

49.First Aid Kit

In the midst of packing household items, many forget about the health essentials.

A basic first aid kit that contains:

Band-aids Antiseptic wipes or creams Pain relievers Any prescribed medications Other basic emergency supplies

50. Basic Tools

A small toolkit can be essential, especially in the first few days when you're setting up.

This might include:

Screwdrivers Hammer Measuring tape Wrenches Nails and screws



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