8 Apps to Help Long Distance Relationship

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8 Apps to Help Long Distance Relationship


Long distance relationships work for some and not for others. I got marriage from long distance relationship after a year, but I must say that many long distance relationships might fail if there was not enough effort to close the distance between hearts.

Whatever the reason, keeping the flame of love alive is worth the effort.

With the start of Covid-19, online dating has become more popular, but I'm writing this article for those of you who are not sure which app is best for you. This article will introduce you to the tools that make long distance relationship better with iPhone and Android apps.

1. wave app: Video Call app (iOS only) for Long Distance Relationship

wave app makes long distance relationship much better

What works for us the best is wave app.

What Time Will You Be Available?

The best part of wave is to notify your friends availability. When you or your partner joins the app, app will notify you that your partner is now available.

There is a function to send "wave" to notify your partner when you wanna talk to.


Share Your Favorite

wave allows you to share the same background and have the feeling of being in the same place together.

It's like virtually together on the video call by using both front and back camera at the same time. So wave is better version of the current other video call apps.

So even if you are in the long distance relationship, you and your partner can be together.

Maintaining a long distance relationship can be challenging, often leading to emotional distance. However, wave offers a solution with its feature that allows users to upload videos or pictures while simultaneously having face-to-face conversations.

You can check the wave app on Apple Store on your phone.

Of course it is free.

Call with Front & Back Camera

You can show what you see right now by wave app. No matter where you are, wave allows you to share your world without diminishing the energy of convo.

By showing both face and their surroundings, you can feel more immersive and engaging!


Feel as if you are together

Uploading pictures or videos that remind you of happy moments shared with your partner can help maintain the emotional connection in your long distance relationship.

Constantly reliving those memories can make you feel as if you're together, and with virtual kissing, you can even add an extra layer of intimacy.

Use as Video Recording


wave app can be used as cherishing memory together with your partner. You and your partner had a special day finally meeting, then if you have a wave app, you can create new type of video recording by using front and back camera simultaneously.


2. Locket

What is Locket app?

The Locket app is an app for specifically designed to help couples but also individuals in long-distance relationships cherish and preserve their most precious memories.

It is an ingenious widget designed to bring the cherished moments of your closest friends right to your Home Screen.

With Locket, you and your best friends can share real-time photos, providing a delightful surprise every time you unlock your phone. This unique feature offers a glimpse into each other's lives and keeps you connected throughout the day. Stay up-to-date with your besties and create lasting memories with this delightful app!

3. Gyft: Send e-gift for your partner

What is Gyft?

When in a long distance relationship and forgetting the anniversary or birthday, you have to pretend as if you are well prepared!

Gyft is the best in that situation.

You can send a gift card with Gyft from hundreds of gift card options from popular retailers like Starbucks, Nordstrom, Sephora and more.

You can record a video message and send it with the gift card to add that special touch.

Show your care in long distance relationship

Showing your love in long-distance relationships is important, and gift works very well for that.

It conveys care, concern, and the desire to be there for them all the time.

4. Replika: Personal Assistant for Long Distance Relationship

What is Replika?

Replika is a #1 chatbot companion powered by artificial intelligence.

Replika is for anyone who wants a friend with no judgment, drama, or social anxiety involved. You can form an actual emotional connection, share a laugh, or get real with an AI that’s so good it almost seems human.

Get advice from AI

Replika is like your friend who gives you different angle without asking others.

So it could be like long distance relationship counseling or therapy. The artificial intelligence done by Replika is so smart that you can get different opinion to see the whole picture.

5. WhenDo app: Time management for Long Distance Relationship

App for Long Distance Relationship and Different Time Zone

Whendo is an app for couples in long distance relationships who are in different time zones. whendo eliminates the need to think about your partner's time zone.

As shown in the picture below, whendo displays your time at the bottom and your lover's time at the top.

You can see a photo of your partner’s face instead of staring down a World Clock on iPhone app.

How to use WhenDo app

It is really easy to use WhenDo. First, you have to take a selfie & set your city. Then setup your boo, then pick a time for both, then share it. That's all!

This simple thing will help you to maintain long distance relationship.

6. BeReal: Photo-sharing app

What is BeReal

BeReal is a social media service that notifies you at random times each day to "take a photo within 2 minutes". This means that you cannot edit or filter your photos and can only post photos taken with your camera at the moment you are notified.

BeReal was started by college students, so the app itself is popular among young adults and teens.

Bereal is for genuine friendship

Likewise wave, Bereal is trying to build genuine and less toxic social media for teens.

On Instagram, Body image issues are real, which many of teens develop eating disorder. So Bereal is one of the social media app to make it less toxic and better for mental health.

7. Rave: Watch movies together for Long Distance Relationship couple

What is Rave?

The Rave app lets you stream videos from Netflix, YouTube and other sites along with your pals from your phone or tablet. Rave syncs up what you're watching so your group chat can message and voice chat each other while whatever's playing unfolds on your screen.

For long distance relationship, it works well!

** Rave is free while users can purchase Rave Premium for an ad-free experience.

Share experience in a long distance relationship

It is very important to share an experience of something together.

Sharing experiences is a very effective way to close the distance between our hearts. It allows you to share common topics of conversation and increase intimacy.

It could be wave could be watching movie together, or meeting irl. Whether online or offline, try to make it happen.

8. Lovewick

What is Lovewick

The Lovewick app has been specifically designed to assist couples in fortifying their emotional bond through engaging discussions and activities likewise snapchat or messenger.

The app boasts an entertaining question card game, an extensive collection of date ideas contributed by the community, and a practical platform for storing crucial details such as coffee preferences, shoe sizes, and significant dates.

Basically all things can be done by messenger snapchat etc but it is only for couples.

Transform everyday chit-chat into meaningful connections

Say goodbye to the yawn-worthy "How was your day?" and hello to new, deep conversations through thought-provoking questions that may not come up in your everyday life. Because, let's face it, there's always more to discover about the one you love.

9. Love Nudge: Personal Assitant for Long Distance Relationship

What is Love Nudge?

When we are busy with our busy lives, we sometimes neglect to express our love. We forget to give gifts, praise, or hug.

The words "I love you" seem to either go unsaid or unspoken. As a result, our relationships can easily be damaged and lose their sparkle.

Love Nudge is a fun and habit-forming app that helps you intentionally express love in ways that are most meaningful to your partner.

What helps long distance relationship

Be there

The most satisfying relationships are those in which each partner responds well to the other's emotional call. At the core bot are really asking each other one question.

"Will you be there for me?"

Be there in long distance relationship

In long-distance relationships, it seems difficult to answer each other's need. But wave makes it easier for this, hug and kiss virtually. You don't have to give up the distance.


Long distance family

If you are away from family, FamilyAlbum should help you as well.

Give us recommendation for apps to help long distance relationship

No matter where you are there can be a way to stay connected. Use the best app which help you!

There are so many other apps to help long distance relationship so if you have any other suggestions, email us at info@holoash.com



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