7 New Social Apps to Use in 2024

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7 New Social Apps 2024

There are several new apps born in 2023, and some of social apps are growing rapidly. Here we introduce new social apps to use in 2024.

1. wave: Spontaneous Video Chat

2. Retro: closed social media

3. Yubo: Social media for teens

4. AirChat: Voice Social App

5. Locket: Photo-sharing widget

6. BeReal: Camera-only photo-sharing social media

7. F3: QA based social media

1. wave: Spontaneous Video Chat


What is wave?

wave app emulates serendipitous encounters, providing an avenue for people to have unplanned conversations, laugh over shared memories, or simply catch up on life.

You don't have to confirm whether your friends are free or not by tiresome texting, but all you need is to open app and notify you are available or you can see their availability.


Dive into Spontaneity

wave app encourages spontaneity. All you need is to send wave to your friends. Unlike boring scheduled call or unannounced irritating call, wave app is like walking into a room where your friends happen to be hanging out, then wave your hands.

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No more scrolling

College students tend to spend 6 hours on the phone on average. Despite the fact that using social media has negative impact on your mental health, it is difficult to stop using them. These social media companies are very good at psychologically manipulating.

wave is trying to build culture where people cherish friendship rather than mindless scrolling.


2. Retro

What is Retro?

Founders of Retro want to bring back the good old days when your social feed was all about family and friends, not just brands and famous people.

Retro is all about photos. It's super private, so you have to ask to follow people, and you need to share your own pics before you can see theirs. Your photos are organized by week, going back as far as your camera roll goes.

Anything older than four weeks is locked, and you need a special key to unlock it. No fancy filters or super long videos here, just simple, old-school photo sharing.

It's like a mix between Instagram and your private messages – a cool new way to share pics with your friends.

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Like a BeReal but no pressure

On Retro, you don't have much annoying notifications like BeReal, and you don't have to post like every day so that you feel better.

3. Yubo

What is Yubo?

With Yubo, you can do live streams and video chats, so you can chat face-to-face with people from all around the world. It's not just about talking, though – you can play games and share stuff like photos and videos to keep things interesting.

Safe space with strong authentication

Yubo offers a space for young people to connect, chat, and share experiences. The app emphasizes responsible online behavior and ensures a secure environment for teenagers to socialize with their peers.

They use strict self-authentication system that there are few chances of encountering pedophiles or robots on Yubo.

4. Airchat

What is Airchat

Airchat is new voice social app for people use Twitter.

It's the brainchild of Naval Ravikant, who's a big-time entrepreneur and investor. This app is here to change the social media game and do things differently.

New way to make content

In Airchat, you can do some cool stuff with conversations. You can scroll through them, drop into chats, and even listen in by tapping from left to right.

But here's the kicker: you can also add your own voice to the mix with Audio Comments. So, you're not just typing messages, you're speaking your mind and making the conversation pop!

Behind Airchat

Naval Ravikant spilled the tea about Airchat on Twitter. He said, "Social media these days is all about showing off. Where's the real talk, the fun conversations, the easy laughter? We've got something fresh – push-to-talk, any time you want it, with cool AI transcripts and art. It's like having a virtual dinner party in your pocket.

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5. Locket

What is Locket?

So, you're probably wondering, "What's the deal with the Locket app?" Well, let me break it down for you.

Locket is not your typical social network where you collect a gazillion friends. Nope, it's more like a cozy hangout spot, kinda like that wave app you might know.

Unique Widget App

In Locket, you can only have up to five buddies. I know, I know, some apps let you share stuff with a massive crowd, but sometimes that can make you feel a bit iffy about what to share.

Now, here's the cool part: Locket is all about sharing pics, but not just any pics – you can slap them on your home screen as widgets! So, not only can you show off your photos within the app, but you can also flex them right on your phone's home screen.

6. BeReal: Genuine Social App

What is BeReal?

BeReal is a social networking app that's all about keeping it genuine. Unlike other social platforms that emphasize curated and filtered content, BeReal encourages users to be themselves and share authentic moments from their lives.

With BeReal, you can share photos and videos without the pressure of perfection. There are no fancy filters or heavy editing tools here. It's about showcasing the real you and your real experiences.

For Friendship

The app promotes connecting with a close-knit group of friends rather than amassing a large number of followers. This creates a more intimate and authentic environment for sharing and interacting.

7. F3: Make New Friends

What is F3?

F3 is a trendy app that's all about connecting with new people and making friends. It's like your virtual hangout spot to meet cool folks from all over.

With F3, you can join different chat rooms and start chatting with people who share your interests. Whether you're into gaming, movies, or just want to chat with random peeps, there's a room for you.

How to use it?

The app also lets you create your own profile, so you can show off your personality and make it easier for others to get to know you. Plus, you can send stickers and photos to make your chats even more fun.




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