7 ways to make friendship stronger

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7 ways to make friendship stronger

Everyone would agree that friendships would be beneficial to the mental health. Actually by making friendship stronger, you would have better immune system, you can lower the risk for heart disease or stroke, and increase the chance of longevity.

So the question is how to make friendship stronger. If you are looking to boost your friendship you have, this is article you are looking for.

1. Ask questions each other

William Shakespeare once said, “A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.”

So to make friendship that stronger, you all need to get to know.

One of the way to make it happen will be the intimacy acceleration test.

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Intimacy Acceleration will make friendship stronger

Intimacy Acceleration test is based on the study done by , a proffessor psychology at the State University of New York.

The idea is to make 36 questions which make your friendship or relationship stronger.

Questions that deepen friendship

Of course just chatting is fun, but to make friendship stronger, those questions will help you.

What are you most grateful for in your life?

This question will reveal that what your friends value in their lives. It could be health, reputation, friends, family, education, or else. You can see why do your friends live for.

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If you were to start a blog, what would it be about?

This question must be interesting to ask. It includes wide range of stuff from hobbies to the things they are good at.

So ask this question and ask why, what kind of blogs would it be.

What do you value most about our friendship?

This is the most important question to ask each other. Friends know you more than you know yourself. They may see you in a different way and you can see how it would be by this question.

Knowing expectation is one of the best step to make friendship deepen.

2. Share your days with friends

Friendship disappears not because they had some conflicts but they started to less prioritize or started to less converse.

So the best way to maintain friendship is exchanging messages and sharing days in a daily basis in a easy way.

weCall App to Share your day

Sharing is caring, just share your days on would be beneficial for your friendship.

No more followers but talk instead

weCall is taking the toxicity out of social networks, just communicate with your friends.

You can share some of pics or videos as background and talk about what happened today!


So instead of being like junkies, weCall allows you to be free from pressure from those social network and connect with genuine friends.

Share albums each other

One more step to make your friendship stronger is sharing the same experience together and make the album for that.

Just share some pics that makes you laugh

One you created the album, you can look them back and share time with friends again and again. They will remind both of you of the day you laugh.

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3. Find common hobbies

Finding common interests or hobbies are critical to make friendship stronger too.

Practicing skateboarding together, learning how to dance, karaoke together and so on.

Not only one hobbies but just try several things together, then you both see what you like what makes them excited.

4. Respect and Accept

The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them.

This is quote from Dr. Ralph Nichols, who was a professor at the university of Minnesota, researching on the power of listening.

Respect their lives, interests, hobbies, accept whoever they are. Those are so crucial for making friendship stronger.

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5. Asking for help and advice, giving help and advice

Human always wants to be part of society, and the society might be just you. If you ask for help and advice from your friends, your friends feel like they are helpful for you, which boost their self-esteem. It is vice versa, when friends need someone, just be there and give help and advice as well.

6. Be present with friends

When you are chatting with friends, and friends are not listening to you or focusing on something else, that might hurt you right?

So just try to be present, your friends will easily notice that you are not here if you do something else.

7. Show your friends that you care about them

Even if you "think" you care about them, they might not notice that. There are several ways to deliver how you feel.

Refer to things they have said before

This could be very small thing you can do but it makes your friends feel you care about friends. Just remind the things happened before, refer to things they have said before.

Write letters

Writing letters sounds like old-fashioned, but trust me, if you try that, you feel better, and your friends will love it.

It will help to understand how you feel towards to your friends as well. So this is also one of the way to make friendship stronger.

Share your news

Even you feel small stuff to share, your friends may want to know that as a friend. Sharing is caring as I said before.

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