8 Apps to Use Among Couples

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7 Apps to Use Among Couples

1. weCall: Make Relationship Better


What is weCall

weCall is the best app for couples to cherish memory together.

You can use weCall as just normal video call but recording function makes it better.

You can record memories with your partner without losing the vibes of the convo.

weCall is like app for couples to interact better on the video call, and record the memory when you are with your partner.

Real Time Real Friends Real You.

Best Video Call App for Couples

weCall allows you to use front and back camera simultaneously on the video call, it is like FaceTime meets BeReal.


This is just not normal video call but you can enjoy

Record Memory with your partner

When you are with them, you can use weCall as a tool for recording the moment together with your partner.

Instead of selfie recording, you can use front and back camera recording to make the video with your partner, seeing each other.

2. Couple: For Long Distance

The aptly named "Couple" app is designed exclusively for couples to share their thoughts, photos, and schedules in a private, secure space.

With features like a shared calendar, real-time messaging, etc.

Couple helps partners maintain a sense of intimacy even when they're physically apart.

Long-Distance Relationships with a Twist

Beyond the usual text and voice messages, couples can use the "Thumbkiss" feature to virtually hold hands or create playful competitions by seeing who can tap the screen the fastest.

3. Between

Between offers a more intimate and secure platform for couples to communicate and share special moments. It allows couples to create a shared photo album, chat, set important dates, and even create a memory box to store cherished messages and photos. The app's emphasis on privacy and its focus on providing a space just for the two of you makes it a standout choice.

Collaborative Storytelling

This can be done on Between.

Start a story together by composing a few lines or a paragraph and sending it to each other on Between. Each partner takes turns adding to the story, weaving in new plot twists, characters, and settings. This can lead to a captivating and evolving narrative that only the two of you contribute to.

4. Happy Couple

Happy Couple takes the concept of couple quizzes to a whole new level. It's a fun and interactive app that presents daily questions and quizzes designed to help you learn more about your partner's preferences, values, and habits. As you both answer questions, the app provides insights into your compatibility and offers opportunities for meaningful conversations.

This can be done simply on video call but this will be fun.

5. Raft

Managing shared expenses can be a challenge for any couple. Raft simplifies this task by offering a collaborative budgeting platform. It allows you to track expenses, set financial goals, and manage your finances together, ensuring transparency and reducing financial friction.

6. Kindu

Maintaining a healthy and adventurous intimate life is essential in any romantic relationship. Kindu encourages open communication about desires and fantasies by presenting both partners with a range of intimate ideas. Partners can anonymously indicate their interest in various activities, and the app only reveals matches, sparking exciting conversations about spicing things up.

7. Touchnote

Sometimes, a heartfelt message or a physical keepsake can convey emotions more effectively than a text. Touchnote allows you to create personalized postcards using your own photos. Send these digital creations as real printed postcards to surprise your partner with a tangible expression of your love, no matter the distance.

8. Avocado

Avocado is an all-in-one app that combines messaging, shared calendars, lists, and even a drawing feature to provide a comprehensive communication tool for couples. It allows partners to collaborate on tasks, plan events, and share moments in a single space, making it easier to stay connected and organized.

Cherish your Relationship rather than Mindless Scrolling

Most people are just spending time for just scrolling instead of making your partner happier, building relationship better.

The true happiness is in friends, partner and family.

why not starting to cherish your relationship not just consuming your time on scrolling.

Apps Not For Couples but Used Among Couples


Music plays a significant role in many relationships. Couples can create shared playlists on Spotify, curating songs that hold special meaning for them or simply enjoying music together, even when physically apart.


If both partners have busy schedules, the Waze app can help them stay informed about each other's commutes and estimated arrival times. This can be especially useful for planning shared activities or coordinating surprise visits.


Any.do is a task management app that can help couples stay organized together. Whether it's planning household chores or coordinating date nights, the app can be tailored to suit a couple's needs.



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