10 Best Social Apps 2024

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10 Best Social Apps 2024

There are so many apps to make friends and you may feel which will be fit for you to use.

In this article, depending on your interests, you can find great apps to make friends.

Here is the summary.

1. weCall: FaceTime Meets Green Screen weCall is app about cherishing your friends instead of chasing followers.

_2. GAS: Find your crush!

3. Amino app to make Anime friends

__4. Yubo to find a partner on live stream app __

5. LMK app to make friends

6. Peanut app to make mom friends Make mom friends and find support

7. Uplive-Live Stream, Go Live

8. F3: Anonymous questions app

9. Quilt: Supportive Audio Chats

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10. Locket: Supportive Audio Chats

1. weCall: Green Screen Call App


FaceTime Meets Green Screen

weCall is very new app where you can make green screen call. Difficult imagine? Seeing is believing.

weCall enables you to share the same background while seeing each other. Unlike usual call, you can enjoy calling with friends by changing the background pics or videos.

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Who uses weCall


weCall is used among teens in the US for friendship and relationship. Since it is one of the best way to share memories and talk daily stuff.

weCall is not just a communication app, but by using weCall, you're showing that you value real connections over mindless algorithmic manipulation and toxic competition for followers.


But weCall can be more than this. Creators can use weCall for new green screen collaboration tool.

weCall has function to record to create content for YT short, IG, or Tiktok.


Call, Share your days, and cherish friends

weCall is about not chasing followers but cherishing friends IRL.

You can be yourself on weCall.

You don't have to fake yourself to impress anyone - just share your story, your struggles, and the real you. Connect with friends IRL who accept you as you are.


2. GAS: Find your crush!

What is Gas app

Gas follows a similar purpose to tbh in being a social media app oriented towards high schoolers.

In the app, users participate in anonymous polls regarding pre-written complimentary statements to their peers. Winners of said polls receive a "flame."

The name of the app is derived from this, with "gassing someone up" being Gen Z slang for complimenting someone. Users can pay a $6.99 subscription that enables "God Mode," which shows hints regarding who voted for them in a poll.

3. Amino: Find anime fan friends

What is Amino

Amino is a social media for anime lovers or extreme game lovers, app itself is super-confusing, but it prevents annoying adults from joining the app, explained by founder.

You can co-watch some of anime together with strangers. Amino has bunch of communities around anime and you can discover likeminded fandom, and chat with them.

How to make friends on Amino

Amino is more likely communities and fandom. All you need is to find your favorite anime communities, join the communities and find someone who has in common.


Good apps for making anime friends

In the google store, the ratings are 4.2. Users are watching live anime together and chatting about it. Amino is very popular social media among anime lovers.

4. Yubo

What is Yubo

One of the most popular app for teen is app called yubo. yubo is designed to meet new teens and have group video call with your friends and new friends. More than 40 million teens are using people to connect with strangers and meet them.

How to make friends on Yubo

It’s more likely dating app but can have connections there too. I met a lot of creepy child predators there but still it’s good app to find good friends. Yubo calls itself a social media to chat and livestream with friends. In the google store, the ratings are 3.8. Users need to provide access to microphone and GPS. Users of the app can swipe right to say ‘yes’ and left for ‘no’, exactly as on Tinder and other dating apps. On Yubo, if both parties say ‘yes’, they are matched and can then chat and follow each other on Snapchat or Instagram. Users can also host live video streams or chats which are open for viewing. So strangers and friends alike can view such streamed events!

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5. LMK

What is LMK

LMK is a social app to make new friends, the avatar communication likewise snap. you can chat or call with like-minded friends and you can create communities as well.

How to make friends on LMK

It is all about talking, you shoul not be shy to hop on the conversations, mostly it is about voice chat.

Likewise yubo, you can see match people but on LMK, you need to pay some money on it.


6. Peanuts: Make mom friends

What is Peanuts

Entering motherhood can be isolating, you might be looking for someone to chat with.

So peanut will be your place to find friends. Peanut is designed to give women a network and share problems. Moms can create groups within the app to suggest meetup ideas and send invitations to their friends.

How to make friends on Peanuts

It's same as tinder, moms can swipe up to ‘wave’ at a potential friend in their area or swipe down to move to the next candidate.


7. Uplive

What is Uplive

If you love singing or dancing, this would be a great place to make new friends. Uplive is a social app for virtual live streaming, you can do karaoke, dance or just chat.

With our unlimited selection of livestreams, you will always find something new and exciting. Join video or audio streams, send gifts, interact with Hosts and have fun. Start your own Virtual Stream and show everyone a whole other side of you.

How to make friends on Uplive

You can join live streming and talk to people on Uplive. You need to be extravert a bit to communicate with people so it will be for more those who love to talk, sing, and show off.

8.F3: Annonymous Q&A Social Media

What is F3

F3 is also brand-new app to find friends and stay in touch likewise weCall app. But F3 is an annoymous QA social media for teenagers. It is very creative and great idea, you could find unique

Swipe friends

On F3, likewise other social apps like Yubo, you can swipe people and add friends. Once you add, you can start to chat with them.

9.Quilt: Audio social to make friends

What is Quilt

Quilt is the audio social networking for supportive conversation.

Quilt is like being at a friend's home or backyard having open conversations about anything and everything. Here, you can come as you are. There's no judgement, no filters, and you don't have to be an expert to share.

All conversations are community driven. From spirituality, mental health, love and relationships, to career and purpose, we talk about it all.

How to make friends on Quilt

Since it is audio social platform, you can first listen to their story, and once you love to join the conversation, you can join that or just follow them.

You will find more kind and good friends there since people care about mental health there.

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10. Locket: Widget app

Unlike other social networks where you can find countless friends, Locket is more intimate. You can only add up to five friends on this app. According to Moss, social apps that allow you to share with many people are great, but they also limit what you share.



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