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Alternative App for Twitter

weBelong is considered as new type of Twitter or Reddit, and yes, there are several things in common. One similar thing is about both text and image based timeline system, and also you can comment on it. Also recently twitter launched a community function, which is very similar with weBelong communities.

weBelong is similar to Twitter

weBelong is a social networking app for misfits to connect together, share ideas with friends, or make friends as well. Likewise Twitter, you can share your ideas or thoughts with your friends, you can get friends from others.

You can send dms with your friends, on weBelong it will be only among friends though.

Also you can have a voice chat with other friends or even strangers as well.

What is different from Twitter

But unlike Twitter, weBelong is more likely to be a private space for you. Instead of getting followers, all you need to be friends with them, so that the content will be more private.


weBelong has VR Call

The most unique part of weBelong is VR Call. VR Call is a feature that allows you to share the same background and have the feeling of being in the same place together.

As the name suggests, VR Call is a feature that allows you to make a call, but it is not an ordinary call.

The experience itself is similar with virtual reality, so that it is called VR call.

You can check what you can do on VR Call.

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Discover contents you like

On the search, you can find contents you like from communities. weBelong is not manipulating the content like Tiktok or Instagram, weBelong is less toxic and authentic.

You can see how people live, the latest news, opinions, and so on. Since the platform is mostly for teens, you can check the trend among your age.


weBelong does not show the number of followers or likes

The most different thing on weBelong is about NOT showing the number of followers or likes others have. All of other social media show that who has more popularity. Social media is mostly for influencers, but weBelong is for individuals.

weBelong is taking the toxicity out of social networks by swapping “likes”, “followers” and “reactions” for features that facilitate and support meaningful interactions.

Unlike Twitter, you can find like-minded friends easily

On weBelong, there is a feature that enables people to add friends easily. This kind of Tinder type of UI makes it easy to connect with like-minded friends very easily.

weBelong is alternative for twitter for younger generations

People who use weBelong is mostly young generations, and those who consider themselves as misfits.

This is still new and just 30000 users are registered on weBelong. weBelong is popular in NY teenagers and young adults now.

weBelong is a place to belong.

Other alternatives for Twitter

1. Minds: web3 version of Twitter

Minds is an open-source platform designed for content creators to take back their Internet freedom, revenue and social reach, this is like web3 social media.

Minds work just like Facebook or any other social media platform, but with a twist you’re actually paid for contributing to the network. Wired once described Minds as the anti-Facebook that pays you for your time.

This has retweet, like/dislike, and you can comment too.

2. Discord: Convo for Twitter

What is Discord

Discord is texting and voice chatting app for gamers, if you would like to be friends with gamer friends, discord is one of the great space to make friends. All you need is to talk to someone, so you should be extrovert at leason online.

How to make friends on Discord

There are so many servers for gamers or anime lovers actually.

Anime Soul Discord Server: This server is for all anime lovers who can have endless conversations about all things anime. If you are an anime fan, you are probably dying to discuss the latest scoop about your favorite characters.

Friends Cord Discord Server

The server is a friend’s cord for fun-loving, passionate people. The server is always budding with interesting conversations.

3. Quilt: Audio version of Twitter?

Quilt is the audio social networking for supportive conversation, it could be alternative of Twitter, but audio version of Twitter.

Quilt is like being at a friend's home or backyard having open conversations about anything and everything. Here, you can come as you are. There's no judgement, no filters, and you don't have to be an expert to share.

All conversations are community driven. From spirituality, mental health, love and relationships, to career and purpose, we talk about it all.

4. Audio version of Twitter

Clubhouse is an audio-based social media app. Starting from app where you can listen to talk among celebrities (not much happening recently).

Voice chat with celebrities

Initially Oprah, Kevin Hart, Drake, Chris Rock, or Ashton Kutcher are on Clubhouse to get users, but clubohouse became a voice chat app for everyone.

The company describes itself as "a new type of social product based on voice allows people everywhere to talk, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships, and meet interesting new people around the world."

Between podcasting and live voice chat

It looks like podcasting but you can listen to stories on live. You can either hop on to the live conversation and ask questions/talk with speakers or listen to former conversation likewise podcasting, so it is not exactly like Twitter, but you can see the audio thread.


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