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App to Share memory together

As human beings, we are driven by our memories. Our past experiences shape who we are today and determine the direction of our future. Memories hold the power to inspire, to console, and to heal. They are the connective tissue that binds us to one another, and they form the foundation of our relationships.

weCall app: Share memories together

Remember we traveled...?

What is weCall app?

In terms of sharing memories in a daily basis, it is easy. But when you don't meet your friends, it is so easy by using weCall.


weCall enables you to share the same background during the call without breaking your privacy.

So both of your background is removed, and you can share memories together by uploading different types of videos or images.


Feel as if you are together

You can upload pics or videos which remind you of the moment you and your partner had fun together.

Sometimes you can meet, and take videos and pics to remember the time being together. And then when you both are back and being in the long distance, you can be together on weCall.

This makes both of you feel as if you are together, you can even kiss virtually.

Focusing on your friendship or relationship

weCall is not only sharing memories app but it is about friendship.

By just focusing on friendship instead of joining a race of number of followers or likes, weCall is a place among friends.

Sharing is Caring

Sharing memories is showing your care as well.

The act of sharing memories is a deeply human experience that is both nourishing and enriching. When we share our memories with others, we create a space of empathy and understanding, where our stories can be received with compassion and kindness.


Connected to our emotions

But why is it that sharing memories is so nourishing to our souls? The answer lies in the very nature of memory itself. Memories are not just recollections of events from our past, but they are also infused with emotions, sensations, and meanings. When we share a memory, we are not just sharing a story, but we are also sharing a part of ourselves.

Through the act of sharing, we invite others into our inner world and give them a glimpse of our unique perspective on life. By sharing our memories, we allow others to see us in a more vulnerable and authentic way, and in doing so, we create a space for intimacy and connection.

Other apps to share memories

Google Photos

It is a popular app that allows you to store, organize, and share your photos and videos with others.

You can create shared albums, add comments and likes, and even allow others to contribute their own photos and videos to the album. Google Photos also includes advanced search and editing features, making it easy to find and enhance your memories.


FamilyAlbum is another family-focused app that allows you to share photos and videos with loved ones. It includes features like photo sharing, commenting, and the ability to create photo books and calendars. FamilyAlbum also includes automatic backup and syncing, so you can be sure that your memories are always safe and accessible.


weCall, as I mentioned before, app for sharing memories during the call. If you are feeling lonely to meet your friends, missing someone, or in a long-distance, the best way to share memories together is weCall. [ ezgif-5-f0fab9c96b]((

Why not sharing memories together?


People are often busy with work, school, or other obligations, and may not have as much time to spend with family and friends. This can make it harder to create new memories and share old ones.

Social media

While social media has made it easier to connect with others, it can also create a sense of pressure to present a perfect image of oneself. This can make people reluctant to share personal memories or experiences that might be seen as less than ideal.

So instead of scrolling, why not starting a call to share memories?

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