Apps to use among BFF and friends

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Apps to use among BFF and friends

In recent years, social media has become an integral part of our lives. We use it to connect with friends and family, share our experiences, and even make new friends.

However, with the rise of influencer culture and the pressure to gain followers, social media has become a place where people constantly compare themselves to others and chase after likes and comments. As a result, many people are turning to alternative apps to use among BFFs and friends, where they can connect and have fun without the pressure of gaining followers.


1. weCall: FaceTime Meets Green Screen

What is weCall app?

weCall is a communication/call app for teens connect together. It looks like FaceTime but with green screen effect.


Green Screen Call

Green Screen Call is the main part of the app, where you and your friends share the same background.

But weCall is not just a call app. weCall aims to celebrate differences through the app. weCall will not manipulate content by algorithm like Insta, Tiktok etc.

So you don't have to compare you with others. weCall is not only for fun but also authentic friendship.

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Invite your BFF

weCall is like WhatsApp. If you know the number and your friend is using weCall, you can start a call.

So just invite your friends to experience new kinda call.

What you can do on weCall?

Share your day

Just sharing your day is caring your friends. Start a call and share your day with some of pics and videos by changing your background!

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Watch Party

You can upload videos whatever you want. It could be Wednesday, You, NBA, etc!


Collaborate on projects

With green screen calls, users could collaborate on projects in a virtual space. They could work together on creative projects, presentations, or other work-related tasks.


2. Made with Friends (MW/F)

What is Made with Friends (MW/F)

Made With Friends (MW/F) is an app that lets you discover the real you from your real friends.

It is described as "While other apps post to your profile, MW/F's profile is created by your friends answering questions about you, tagging you in prompts, and taking photos and videos of you.

The app is made by TTYL Inc. which created the popular 2021 app "Poparazzi" and 2020 "TTYL".


Tag your friends

Made with Friends looks like Twitter, and the system itself resembles Poparazzi app, but what is different from Poparazzi is tagging with questions.

You can tag them with phrases, for example, "@YourFriend often dreams of losing a basketball game."

As you tag your friend's personality and what your friend is likely to be like, the post will be added to his/her timeline.

"Your friends know you more than you do". This phrase fits Made with Friends.

3. BeReal

What is BeReal

Bereal is a social media notifying you at a random moment every day to take a photo within 2 minutes, meaning that you cannot edit or filter photos but you can only post photos from camera at the moment you got notified.

Since BeReal has started among college students, the app itself is popular among young adults and teens.

BeReal is used among friends

Like weCall, Bereal seeks to build authentic, less toxic social media for teens.

With body image issues being a real thing on Instagram and many teens developing eating disorders, Bereal is one of the less toxic and better for mental health social media apps.

4. Poparazzi

What is Poparazzi

Poparazzi is a new social media which make you paparazzi of your friends, so you will take photos of your friends and tag on poparazzi.

The app is all about taking pictures of other people — its camera function can’t be flipped to be front-facing, and you can only populate your profile with pictures others have taken or uploaded of you.

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Anti-Instagram Social Media

Poparazzi explains themselves as anti-Instagram, rebelling against today’s social feeds filled with edited photos, too many selfies and “seemingly effortless perfection.” as I explained body images issues on Instagram.

People’s real lives are made up of many unperfect moments that are worthy of being captured and shared, too

5. Locket

What is Locket

Locket app is a new socail media app which allows friends to share photos straight to the iPhone Home Screen.

The app works as a social networking widget as users can choose a photo to display on the device's widget, particularly for those that downloaded the app. It can effectively show the sent pictures from family, friends, or loved ones without opening any application.

Private Photo Sharing

Unlike other social networks where you can find countless friends, Locket is more intimate. You can only add up to five friends on this app.

Social apps that allow you to share with many people are great, but they also limit what you share.

6. Waffle

What is Waffle app?

Quiet and focused, Waffle provides space for group journals to get that warm and fluffy feeling back, just like gathering with those you love. Those who make you feel safe and bring you energy. You can share a snap of your breakfast burrito with the world.

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Private Journaling with your friends

I think the waffle app is a place where people can say things to each other that they normally can't say. Or it would be a useful application for families or couples who have been separated by long distances.

It is a private place where we can collect our thoughts and share them with each other in our daily lives when our minds tend to be dominated by Tiktok and YouTube shorts.

Apps to use among BFF or friends

There are so many other apps to use among friends, so if you have any other suggestions, email us at

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