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Be safe with weCall

Have you ever felt unsafe when you are walking outside? Have you ever got attacked by strangers on the road?

Recently the crime rate is really alarming and the city is full of danger. Here to explain how to protect you from danger with weCall.

The Ratio of Crime Increases in the US

According to recent FBI statistics, crime rates across various U.S. cities have seen an alarming increase. Urban areas report a significant rise in violent crimes, with a 30% uptick in homicides and a 25% increase in burglaries. The numbers are a stark reminder of the reality we face, especially when darkness falls.

Night is Not Safe

The Alarming Statistics

Nighttime safety has become a substantial concern as crime rates soar after dark. Data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics indicates that 68% of violent victimizations occur during nighttime hours (6 pm to 6 am). The numbers further break down as follows:

42% of violent crimes occur between 6 pm and midnight. 26% happen between midnight and 6 am. The risks extend to property crimes as well, with around 53% occurring at night.

Stories of Night Danger

The numbers only tell part of the story. Individuals across the country have experienced the terror of night danger firsthand.

Story 1

Sarah, a college student in Chicago, was walking home from a late study session when she was approached by a stranger demanding her purse.

Thanks to a video call with her brother using weCall, she was able to share her both front and back camera to avoid danger, her brother could call the police and tell that to the stranger from the phone, and they guy escaped.

Story 2

David, a night shift worker in Los Angeles, was involved in a minor car accident late at night.

Feeling unsafe, he used weCall to connect with his wife, showing her the situation with both front and back cameras. His wife was able to guide him through the process and ensure he was safe.

Call for Your Safety

In the face of these concerning statistics and real-life incidents, personal safety is paramount. Technology has emerged as a powerful ally, providing tools that can act as virtual safety nets.

Deterrent Effect:

The presence of a virtual companion via a phone or video call may act as a deterrent to potential attackers, who may be less likely to target someone who is visibly and audibly connected to another person. The reasoning here is that a potential attacker knows that someone else is aware of the potential victim's location and situation.

Emotional Support

Being on a call can provide emotional support and reduce anxiety when walking alone, particularly in an unfamiliar or perceived unsafe area. This psychological benefit may translate into increased awareness and caution.

Real-time Assistance

In the event of an emergency or suspicious situation, the person on the other end of the call can provide immediate assistance, such as calling emergency services or helping with navigation.

Potential Witness

Should a crime occur, the person on the other end of the call could potentially act as a witness, providing information to law enforcement about the situation, time, location, and other details.

weCall is the Best Tool

weCall is revolutionizing personal safety through its unique feature of using both front and back cameras simultaneously during a video call.

This dual-camera functionality serves several essential purposes:

Monitoring the Path Ahead

Friends or family can keep an eye on your surroundings, offering guidance and reassurance as you navigate potentially dangerous areas.

Potential Evidence Gathering

In the unfortunate event of a crime, the dual camera could provide vital visual evidence, aiding law enforcement in their investigations.

weCall has function to record as well that it will be recorded if you would like to make it more safe.



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