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Authenticity and being oneself can help teens develop a positive sense of self-worth and self-esteem, which is critical for mental health and well-being.


Tiktok, Instgram, BeReal, or other apps force you to be someone else, to be popular or to make others impress.

Instead, why not using apps to cherish your friendship?

Being authentic and true to oneself can also help teens build genuine and lasting social connections. By being open and honest about who they are and what they believe in, teens can attract friends and partners who share similar values and interests.

New social app popular among teens for authenticity

There are several apps getting popularity, but there is one common thing among them, it is authenticity.

BeReal, weCall, Poparazzi, nocam, Locket etc, all cherish authenticity.


weCall is like FaceTime meets BeReal

weCall is like FaceTime meets BeReal, it opens both front and back camera during the call.


Share what you see

During the call, you can see what you see on weCall as well as showing your face. So that's why it is like FaceTime Meets BeReal.

Not only you can show what you are seeing, but also your reaction.


Share anything on background

But it is not only like BeReal, it is more!

You can change background by choosing from gallery as well. Choose pics or videos to share memories, watch something together etc.


Create content on weCall

TikTok and Reels are popular social media platforms that allow users to create and share short videos with their followers.

But it might feel like you are creating normal video, so you can create very unique content even without meeting with your friends.


Sing a song Together

If you upload a song, or share youtube videos, you can sing a song together with friends.


Reaction videos

Creating reaction videos is the best! You can create those contents remotely anytime anywhere as well.



Memes can be viral!



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