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Best app for teens

There are so many social networking apps where you can share contents as teens. But there are few spaces where they can talk about their life, feelings, gender identity, sexual orientations, relationship, friendship etc.

So here are non-dating apps where teens can connect and talk with friends.

1. weCall app: Experience Together

weCall is a new communication app for teens connect together. The most unique part of weCall is opening both front and back camera simulataneously. it's like FaceTime meets BeReal.

weCall is about friendship, weCall is about a place to cherish friendship instead of chasing followers.

How to call? It's like WhatsApp. All you need is to add your friends from contacts, and start a call.

On weCall, unlike other communication apps, you can share the same background and talk about it.

Group 140

Call with friends IRL

Ad I said, weCall allows you to share the same background and have the feeling of being in the same place together.

You can share memories, share some funny videos and talk about it, or just upload calm videos on background and just talk!


Call app for teens

The majority of users on weCall are teenagers. With the outbreak of COVID-19, people have become more isolated, staying at home, and causing the distance between friends to increase.

weCall provides a platform that allows you to experience the feeling of being together with your friends, regardless of the distance between you.


Maintain friendship

weCall is about irl friendship.

If you already have friends, just invite your friends on weCall and start sharing your life, chatting, and have a group chat.

You can start Call or just create contents with new green screen collab1


2. Poparazzi: Social media to be paparazzi (Close)

Poparazzi is a new social media which make you paparazzi of your friends, so you will take photos of your friends and tag on poparazzi.

Anti-Instagram Social Media

Poparazzi explains themselves as anti-Instagram, rebelling against today’s social feeds filled with edited photos, too many selfies and “seemingly effortless perfection.” as I explained body images issues on Instagram.

People’s real lives are made up of many unperfect moments that are worthy of being captured and shared, too

3. Bereal: No-filter Social media

What is Bereal?

Bereal is a social media notifying you at a random moment every day to take a photo within 2 minutes, meaning that you cannot edit or filter photos but you can only post photos from camera at the moment you got notified.

Since BeReal has started among college students, the app itself is popular among young adults and teens.

Bereal is for genuine friendship

Likewise Poparazzi and weCall, Bereal is trying to build genuine and less toxic social media for teens.

On Instagram, Body image issues are real, which many of teens develop eating disorder.

So Bereal is one of the social media app to make it less toxic and better for mental health.

4. Clubhouse app

Clubhouse is a social audio app for excuslive people inititially. The strategy of clubhouse was to attract people by letting only celebrities use the app, but now not much celebrities there, but it became more inclusive.

Voice communication only

What makes them inclusive is about communication without videos or images. They don't have any features to use video chat. So you will not get judged by its cover, but the communication itself will be more genuine.

Podcasting for friends

There are some communities on Clubhouse as well. And you can join and listen to the story or event there.

Depends on your preference, you can listen to people.

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5. Yubo: New social media for video chat and dating

Yubo is and app to have live chat and meet new people to date with. It became viral because of controversy of being “Tinder for teens”, Yubo allows peoiple to swipe-to-match with like-minded people which imitates the tinder or bumble.

There are so many incidents and creeps reported.

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 16.51.05

Live Streaming social media app

Yubo is renowned for its live-streaming capabilities. With live-streaming, you can have up to ten people participating with you, and the number of viewers is infinite. Streamers can only join if they receive an invitation from the host or member hosting the live stream.

Netflix produces teen friends content

Netflix is also one of the app that produces LGBTQ content a lot.

1. Outer Banks: Best Teens show

What is Outer Banks

The Outer Banks is adventure and mystery at its best. One of the most popular Netflix series among teens.

This series follows a group of local, tight-knit teens ("Pogues") who vacation on a beach in North Carolina called the Outer Banks.


When a hurricane knocks out power for the summer season, the friends are forced to make a life-altering decision that sets off a chain of infidelities.

The search for their missing father, a forbidden romance, a treasure hunt, and the growing rivalry between Pogue and his rivals make their summer full of unforgettable mystery and adventure.

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Relationship among teens

One of the best part of Outer Banks is about relationship. There are several relationships portraited on Outer Banks. Especially John B, Kiara, and JJ have several good friendship and relationships so you have to check it out!

2. Atypical: Being different

What is Atypical?

Atypical is a coming-of-age comedy-drama that epitomizes diversity.

The film portrays Sam, a 19-year-old with autism, and Casey, Sam's older sister who struggles with her own sexual orientation, and the slapstick that happens around them in both serious and comical ways.

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Being different is cool

Autistic Sam

One interesting theme of Atypical is diversity. Sam grows up as autistic with the support of those around him. Being autistic, he is considered by those around him to be a strange guy. But some people understand that being different is cool. It is beautiful to see Sam trying new things and growing up.

Sexual orientation

Casey always thought she liked men, but one thing led to another and she began to worry about her sexual orientation. This drama is a learning experience about how to accept oneself and how to make those around one's self understand.

atypical-brigette-lundy-paine-fivel-stewart-2-1625824045 (1)

Struggles as teens

You might feel the same thing as teens a lot. Sam attends a suburban high school and works at a Best Buy-type electronics store, and you might see the similar struggles with the first part time job.

Moving as well.

Casey transfers to a new school and tries to adjust to his new surroundings. We can see the hardships of going to school and changing schools, a situation where no one knows anyone!

3. The End of the fxxxing world

What is The End of the fxxxing world on Netflix

If you like the black comedy, you gonna love the end of the fxxxing world. Among Netflix show, this could be very dark but funny, portraited two teens, James (Alex Lawther), a 17-year-old who believes himself to be a psychopath, and Alyssa (Jessica Barden), an angry classmate who sees in James a chance to escape from her tumultuous home life.

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Am I crazy or the world?

The theme of the end of the fxxxing world is about "crazy". James believes that he is crazy psychopath wants to kill someone, and Alyssa is trying to escape the world where she is, then they happened to kill a person.

Teens can relate the feeling how they feel.


Relationship between James and Alyssa

The relationship between those teens is so interesting. They embark on a road trip across England and begin to develop a relationship after a series of adventurous happeniings as teens.

Those tough experience connected them together.

4. Never Have I Ever: Minority and teens

Never Have I Ever is a comedy-drama series focusing on the life of an Indian-American teen who seeks popularity at her high school.

After coming out as lesbian and getting a girlfriend, Eve (Christina Kartchner), in the first season, Fabiola suffers an identity crisis: On one hand, she's perfectly content as captain of her high-school robotics team and creator of her own wisecracking robot companion, Gears Brosnan. But she also feels pressure to fit in with Eve and her group of queer friends, all of whom are super woke and pop-culture savvy. She soon begins missing out on robotics practice so she can focus on her and Eve's campaign to become the first two queens crowned at their school's winter dance.

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5. Ginny and Georgia: Minority and teens

Ginny & Georgia follows Ginny Miller, a "15-year-old who is more mature than her 30-year-old mother", Georgia, in a New England town where Georgia decides to settle down with her daughter Ginny and son Austin to give them a better life than she had.

But it includes part of LGBTQ as teens. Maxine, aka Max is a character on Ginny and Gerogia.

Max’s mother mentioned that they knew about her sexual orientation since she was a little girl who played with Barbies and being a lesbian was part of Max’s character, not his whole personality. Your family in Ginny and Georgia he was already healthy and accepting.

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6. Sex Education: Authentic teen show

Sex Education is kind of rare show that explored a story of gay African, the character name is Eric.

Eric’s story is that his parents and church end up accepting him at the end, which lets him fully embrace the fact that he is gay and can truly be himself.


People nowadays spend less with friends

There are many reasons why people may spend less time with their friends. Some common reasons include:

Busy schedules: People may have busy work or family obligations that leave them with little free time to socialize.

Distance: Friends may live far apart, making it difficult to get together regularly.

Changes in life circumstances: Friends may go through major life changes, such as moving to a new city or starting a family, which can affect their ability to spend time together.

Changes in personal interests or priorities: People may grow apart as their interests and priorities change over time.

So if you feel that, visit those apps and use with your friends.



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