Best Video Chat Apps 2024

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Best Video Chat Apps 2024


1. weCall: Better Version of FaceTime


What is weCall Video Chat

weCall is not just a video chat app, it's a whole new way to hang out with your friends and partners!

weCall enables you to share background in a better way, including your back camera that you can show both front and back camera simultaneously.


What you can do?

Share Memories Together

Cherish Every Moment!

With weCall, you can relive your favorite memories with your friends and partners. You can upload pictures that remind you of the moments you shared and talk about them together. Even if you're in a long-distance relationship, you can feel like you're right there with your friends, making it a heartwarming and special experience.

Tiktok Collaboration

Bring Your Creativity to Life!

Do you love Tiktok and want to create content with your friends? Look no further than weCall With our Tiktok collaboration feature, you and your friend can come up with new and exciting content ideas and make them a reality. Whether it's dancing, singing, or acting, the possibilities are endless!


Watch Videos Together

Experience It Like Never Before!

Have you ever watched a video with your friends and wished you could be in the same room? With weCall, you can! Our VR call feature allows you to watch videos with your friends in a whole new way. You can upload any video as a background and co-watch it with your friends, making it a fun and immersive experience.


Dance Together

Show Off Your Moves!

Are you a fan of BTS, Blackpink, or Taylor Swift? With weCall, you can upload Tiktok videos and dance with your friends virtually! You and your friends can show off your best moves and create a fun dance party, even if you're miles apart.


Make Memes with Your Friends

Laugh Out Loud!

Memes are everywhere, but have you ever thought of making them with your friends on a VR call? With weCall, you can! You can create hilarious memes with your friends and be a part of the background pic, making it a fun and creative experience.


2. FaceTime

What you can do on FaceTime

Share your passion

FaceTime is the perfect way to show off your latest hobby or obsession to your friends and family. Whether it's playing an instrument, painting, or even juggling, you can give them a live performance from the comfort of your own home. Who knows, you might even inspire them to try something new!

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Virtual workout

If you have a workout buddy but can't go to the gym together, try setting up a virtual workout over FaceTime. You can both follow the same workout video or routine while keeping each other accountable and motivated.

3. Rave

What is Rave?

Rave is an awesome app that allows you to have fun with your friends no matter where you are!

Here are some ideas for things you can do on Rave.

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What you can do on Rave

Watch movies together

Rave lets you and your friends watch movies together in real time! You can choose from a selection of movies on the app or add your own. As you watch, you can chat with your friends and react to the movie together.

Listen to music together

With Rave, you can listen to music with your friends in real time. You can choose songs from your own library or from streaming services like YouTube and SoundCloud. As you listen, you can chat and share your thoughts on the music.

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Play games together

Rave also lets you and your friends play games together. You can choose from a variety of games on the app, including trivia and charades. As you play, you can chat and compete against each other.

Host a virtual party

With Rave, you can host a virtual party for your friends. You can set up a playlist of music, choose a movie to watch, and even play games. As you party, you can chat and have fun with your friends.

4. Discord

All knows Discord, one of the best video chat app. There are many things on Discord, creating communities and automate the process to moderate the community, and indivisaully, you can use them with friends,

What you can do on Discord

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Discord is a popular platform for gamers to chat with each other while playing their favorite games. You can create a server for your gaming community and chat in real-time with other players. You can also use Discord to stream your gameplay to your friends.

Study group

If you're a student, you can use Discord to create a study group with your classmates. You can share notes, discuss assignments, and help each other prepare for exams. You can also create voice channels to have group study sessions.

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5. SpatialChat

What is SpatialChat?

Spatial chat is a type of online communication platform that allows users to have virtual conversations and interactions in a 2D or 3D space. The platform uses spatial audio and spatial positioning to create a sense of presence and immersion, similar to how we experience conversations and interactions in real life.

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What you can do on SpatialChat?

Virtual networking

You can use SpatialChat to host virtual networking events where people can connect with each other and make new business contacts. You can create virtual spaces for different industries or areas of interest, and people can move around and join conversations based on their interests.

Virtual conference

You can use SpatialChat to host a virtual conference with keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities. You can create different rooms for different sessions, and people can move around and join the conversations they are interested in.

Virtual office space

You can use SpatialChat to create a virtual office space where your team can collaborate and communicate. You can create different rooms for different departments, and people can move around and join conversations based on their needs.

Virtual classroom

You can use SpatialChat to create a virtual classroom where you can teach students from around the world. You can create different rooms for lectures, group discussions, and one-on-one meetings with students.

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