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Better Privacy Video Call App

Connectivity is paramount... Video calling apps have become indispensable tools for both personal and professional communication nowadays.

But with this convenience comes concerns about privacy. The importance of having a secure platform that respects user data has never been more critical.

In this article, we will explore the privacy aspects of two video calling apps - FaceTime and a newer alternative, wave app.

FaceTime Alternative - Privacy Protected Video Call: wave


1. FaceTime and Privacy

1-1. FaceTime is watching you

Apple's FaceTime has been a go-to app for many iOS users due to its integration and ease of use. However, as with many apps from large corporations, concerns about data privacy have surfaced.

While Apple has always prided itself on protecting user privacy and has made significant strides in ensuring data protection, some critics argue that the company still has access to a treasure trove of user data.

This access potentially allows them to analyze user behaviors, preferences, and even conversations.

It's essential to be aware of these concerns and to adjust your settings accordingly to maximize your privacy.

1-2. Screen Share and Privacy

The screen sharing feature in FaceTime, while useful, can be a double-edged sword from a privacy standpoint.

1-2-1. Everything will be seen

When you share your screen during a FaceTime call, everything displayed on your device becomes visible to the other party.

This includes your notifications, personal photos, messages, or any other sensitive information. Always make sure to turn off notifications and close irrelevant apps before initiating screen sharing to avoid unwanted exposure.

1-2-2. Can you show your TikTok?

Sharing social media profiles or apps like TikTok during a screen share can be risky. While it may seem fun to share a video or a post, keep in mind that the other party might see your friends' names, personal messages, or other private information. Always be cautious about what you choose to share, and remember that once something is seen, it can't be unseen.

2. wave

wave is trying to cherish friendship and relationship among people you care about while protecting privacy.

When it comes to build better experience, it is important that you can feel safe.

wave is one of the best option to make it happen.

2-1. Share content without sharing entire screen

wave enables you to share content on the background without sharing entire screen.


You can choose pics from your gallery so that you don't have to show entire your gallery, notifications, and apps you have as well.

You can feel much safer on the wave app.

2-2. No incoming call

Incoming call is really annoying.

When playing the video game or just scrolling on Tiktok, incoming call makes me feel so intrusive.

wave does not have function to make incoming call but just create a room and wait for your friends to join.

If your friends are available, they will join! You don't have to schedule video call beforehand anymore, but you just create a new video chat room.




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