Building better relationships: How to make it better?

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Building better relationships

Relationships are an essential part of our lives, and cultivating strong and healthy connections with others is essential for our happiness and well-being. But building and maintaining relationships can be challenging, especially in today's fast-paced and hectic world.

If you're looking for ways to build better relationships and strengthen your connections with others, this article is for you.

Plan regular date nights

This can be a great way to reconnect and spend quality time together, without the distractions of everyday life. Plan something special and unique, like trying a new restaurant or going to see a show.


weCall is a new app for video calling but with green screen.


By using weCall, you can not only just call with friends but experience many things together even online.

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You can share your back camera or some pics or videos in your photo gallery. You can share memories, plan the future travel, enjoy dancing together etc.

Take a trip together

Traveling with someone can be a great way to build a deeper connection and create lasting memories. Plan a trip to a new destination, and make sure to try new things and explore together.

Trip ideas

Around your area

Plan an adventure trip and try out activities like bungee jumping, skydiving, or hiking through a scenic wilderness area, or go on a foodie trip and visit different restaurants, food trucks, and local markets to try out new and unique dishes.

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This country is known for its unique culture, beautiful natural scenery, and interesting cities like Tokyo and Kyoto.

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New Zealand

This country is famous for its stunning landscapes, outdoor adventures, and friendly locals.

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This country is known for its rich history, beautiful cities, and delicious cuisine.

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Costa Rica

This country is famous for its biodiversity, beautiful beaches, and eco-tourism opportunities.

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This country is known for its vibrant culture, ancient history, and diverse landscapes.

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Virtual Travel with weCall

You can do virtual travel on weCall as well. Upload pics or videos where you wanna travel.


Try a new hobby together

Learning something new and challenging can be a great way to bond and strengthen your relationship. Find a hobby that you're both interested in, and make it a regular part of your routine.

Learn to juggle or circus skills

This incluedes many skills such as tightrope walking or unicycling. This will require a lot of practice and coordination, but it can be a fun and exciting way to bond with your partner.

try out parkour or freerunning

Parkour or freerunning, which involves running, jumping, and climbing through urban environments. This will give you a chance to push your physical limits and explore your surroundings in a new way.

Video games

Take up competitive video gaming, either as a team or against each other. This can be a fun way to connect with your partner and also challenge each other's skills.


Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games, such as League of Legends or Dota 2. These games involve teams of players competing against each other to destroy the enemy's base.


First-person shooter (FPS) games, such as Counter-Strike or Call of Duty. These games involve players competing against each other in fast-paced, action-packed combat scenarios.


Surprise each other with small gifts or gestures.

Showing that you are thinking of the other person, even when you're not together, can be a great way to build a stronger bond. This can be as simple as sending a thoughtful text message or leaving a small gift on their pillow.

Surprise Photograph

Arrange for a professional photographer to take a series of romantic photos of the two of you in a beautiful location, such as a park or a scenic overlook. This will capture your love in a unique and lasting way.

Spotify Playlist

Create a personalized playlist of songs that have special meaning to the two of you and surprise your partner by playing it for them. This will show that you have paid attention to the music that means something to them.

Good restaurant

Plan a surprise date night and take your partner to a restaurant, show, or event that they have been wanting to see. This will show that you are willing to go out of your way to make them happy.

Write love letters to each other.

In the age of technology, it can be easy to forget the power of a handwritten letter. Take the time to write a heartfelt letter to the other person, expressing your love and appreciation for them.

Do something spontaneous and crazy

Shake things up and try something completely out of the ordinary. This could be something like going skydiving or bungee jumping, or even just trying a new and adventurous restaurant. The key is to have fun and embrace the unexpected.a



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