Dual Camera Video Call App: Show Your World

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Dual Camera Video Call App: Show Your World

weCall is a new video call app which enables you to show your world while showing your face. You won't lose the vibes of convo by opening both camera, making the conversation more immersive.

That cool feature where you can use both the front and back cameras at the same time? Totally changing the game for online chats. It's like having a shared backdrop that makes digital chats way more immersive.

Real Time Real Friends Real You

We're basically spending a quarter of our day just consuming content! 😲 This mindless scrolling is not only bad for mental health but also affecting friendship and relationship.

weCall is trying to build a culture where people cherish their friendship rather than just getting manipulated by algorithm.


Front and Back Camera Simultaneously

weCall isn't just for catching up; it's about living moments together and building real bonds. While most video call apps just let you chat face-to-face, weCall lets you show off your surroundings with its cool dual-camera thing.


When you are heading to the place where you meet with your friends, you can show where you are.

When you are at home, you can show your pets without losing your face display.

Vibes of Convo

What makes weCall special? It's the ability to use both the front and back cameras during a video call.

So, instead of just seeing each other's faces, you can show off where they are and what they're up to. Like, if you're at a concert or wandering around a new city, you can give your friends a live tour.

It's more than just face-to-face chats; it's about diving deep into experiences together. That shared backdrop makes calls feel more alive and way more personal.

Privacy and User Consent

Want to save cool moments during video chats? Apps like weCall are perfect for that.

But hey, recording video calls is a big deal. Always ask for permission first. It's about respect, privacy laws, and just being cool about it.

Good thing weCall lets you get consent, unlike FaceTime. 😉

Share pics without breaking your privacy

When you are sharing your screen on FaceTime and you want to show some of pics you take today, you need to show entire screen.

You might reveal some of pics you don't want to be seen, or you might get some of notifications which make you feel uncomfortable.

weCall makes you feel better. You can choose pics from your gallery to enjoy share experience.




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