FaceTime Annoying? Here's Better apps to Make a Video Call

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FaceTime Annoying? Here's Better apps to Make a Video Call


1. wave: Spontaneous Video Chat

wave is new video chat app to enjoy serendipitous communication among friends or friends of friends.

wave allows you to join video chat without making(getting) annoying unannounced call which interrupts your scrolling or gaming.


One Click Convo

The best part of wave app is not getting unannounced call like FaceTime or WhatsApp.

When you are playing game or watching something, getting incoming call is super annoying!

wave makes you free from that and get notified by simple notification that your friends joined the room and waved at you.

Talk with friends of friends

When you and your friends joined a video chat room on wave, your friends can see that chat room and they might join you.

So there might surprise encounter among friends!

Front & Back Camera Call

With wave, you can harness the power of both front and back cameras during calls.

Unlike FaceTime, where showcasing your surroundings means missing out on face-to-face moments, wave opens both camera simultaneously.

Currently making waves in California, wave is here to revolutionize your calling experience. Best of all? It's absolutely free.


2. Spatial Chat

Spatial Chat is a new video call website where you can share space among team or friends.

Spatial chat is kinda new experience where you can enjoy video call when you get close to in the space.

When you are away from your friends on the shared space, you cannot hear your friends.

Sl this is like live together with friends.

Why is FaceTime Annoying?

1. Frequent Crashes

FaceTime tends to get crashed especially when you are on the group call. This is the most annoying part for me to make a video call using FaceTime.

Calling and answering does not work properly all the time.

2. Unannounced Call

Intrusiveness and Time Wasting

Unannounced calls can interrupt your daily routine or activities, causing a disruption and potentially breaking your concentration or focus.

It might not align with your current schedule or priorities. Answering such calls, especially if they turn out to be irrelevant or unwanted, can feel like a waste of your time.

Phone Anxiety

Constantly receiving unannounced calls can contribute to phone anxiety for some individuals. They might feel pressured to answer or worried about missing important calls.

Disruption of Personal Time

Your personal time and relaxation can be disturbed when an unannounced call interrupts moments meant for unwinding or spending time with family and friends.

It is all about annoying.

3. Only iOS

FaceTime group is primarily designed for Apple devices, which can be frustrating for users who want to include participants who are not using Apple devices.

4. Privacy issues

Data Collection

People worry because Apple collect data from their FaceTime calls, such as call duration, participants, your LOCATION and MORE! Concerns arise about how this data might be used or shared.

Government Surveillance

Governments or law enforcement agencies request access to FaceTime communications as part of investigations or surveillance efforts, potentially infringing on their privacy rights as well.

FaceTime Me Is Obsolete!



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