Green Screen Video ideas for Tiktok

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Green Screen Video ideas for Tiktok

Creating content with a green screen can be a fun and creative way to add a new dimension to your videos. Green screen technology allows you to superimpose yourself or other elements onto any background, giving you the freedom to create videos in any setting you can imagine.

Here I'll introduce 10 different Green Screen Video ideas for Tiktok.

1. Collaboration Video with Green Screen

weCall: FaceTime Meets Green Screen

weCall is a new call app that allows users to create videos with green screen effects alone or collaboratively.

weCall allows you to share the same background and have the feeling of being in the same place together.

It's like FaceTime Meets Green Screen, but it is not just a call. It enables you to create content without tiresome editing.

Infinite possibility of collaboration

Create memes

You can create memes with green screen, and you can make it special by doing collaboration.

Panel discussion

One idea for a green screen collaboration is to create a virtual talk show or panel discussion.

You can use some of the video like America's Got Talent and you can be judge and talk about it.

Host a virtual quiz show

If you and your collaborators are trivia enthusiasts, a green screen can be a great tool for creating a virtual quiz show.

Invite friends on weCall and tap record button to start quize show with great background for that.

Screen Shot 2022-12-14 at 12.28.26 (1)

Film yourselves in front of a green screen and add in backgrounds and special effects to create a dynamic and engaging visual experience. You could even invite your viewers to participate in the quiz by answering questions through comments or live chat.

Dance collaboration

Now it is so easy to imagine that you can use this function as dance together with celebrities.

Lip Sync collaboration

Record a video on weCall to sing your favorite song with a friend or family member as well!


Duet function on Tiktok

In terms of collaboration, you can also use duet function on tiktok.

Duet with a popular TikTok creator and make a funny skit or lip-sync together or use the Duet function to create a dance or workout challenge and invite others to join in.

2. Tips Video

One of the first and most effective ways is to use it as educational tips for romantic relationship, school, friendship and etc.

If you want to increase your followers on Tiktok, the quickest way is to help someone else.

For example, using green screen videos in the form of videos or still images explaining relationship tips, health tips, etc. would be very effective.

On weCall, it is very easy to use Green Screen while explaining things, so let's use it.

Tips for relationship/family

Most of time people spend with family or partner, and the life issues are so deep in terms of relationship.

Choose a specific topic or aspect of relationships that you want to focus on in your video. This could be something like long distance relationship, communication, family trust, or conflict resolution.

Then research the topic and gather information and tips that you can share in your video. You can look for advice from experts, or draw on your own experiences and observations.

You can get ideas from love songs or just by google it.

Tips for Career

Tips on how to find a job or internship that fits their interests and skills.

People may need a wide range of advice for their careers and school. Here are a few examples of the types of advice that people may be looking for following things.

To find job

Tips on how to find a job or internship that fits their interests and skills.

Or to find job, people need advice on how to improve their resume or cover letter to make a strong impression on potential employers.

Strategies for networking and making connections that can help them advance their careers.

Job Intervieew

Job interview will be a big category as well.

Tips on how to prepare for job interviews, including what to say and what to wear.


Advice on how to manage their time and priorities effectively in order to succeed in school and in their careers. Strategies for dealing with stress and burnout, and for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Tips on how to set goals and create a plan for their careers and school, in order to achieve their long-term aspirations.

Advice on how to continue learning and developing new skills, in order to stay competitive and relevant in today's job market. Strategies for dealing with difficult coworkers or supervisors, and for managing conflict in the workplace.

3. Dance or Lip Sync Video


Green Screen video will allow you to create unique and imaginative settings for your dance performances.

For example, you could use a green screen to make it look like you're dancing in a futuristic city, on a tropical beach, or in a fantasy forest. This can add an extra layer of creativity and artistry to your dance videos and make them more engaging for viewers.


Lip Sync

ou could use a green screen to make it look like you're lip syncing in a concert hall, on a bustling city street, or etc.

Use split screen

Use a green screen to create a split-screen effect, where you appear in multiple versions of yourself in the same video. This can be used to create comedic or surreal effects, or to show multiple perspectives on a situation.

Show video describing the song

It depends on the song but some songs have very relatable, and you can record the video for that.

Then, you can start lip sync on that video.

4. Freeze Effect Video with Green Screen

Freeze effect

The freeze effect allows you to pause a video at a specific moment, creating a still image that can be used as the starting point for a new video or as a visual transition between clips. To use the freeze effect, simply record your video and pause it at the desired moment. Then, you can use the editing tools in the TikTok app to create the freeze frame and continue recording or add additional clips.

Ideas to combine

Combining the freeze effect and green screen to create a video where the subject appears to be frozen in mid-air or in a surreal or fantasy environment.

Screen Shot 2022-12-14 at 13.53.39

5. Fav movies and shows

Explain summary

You can just explain what is the movie about in one minute, you need skills to sum up without spoilling so just be careful!


With the green screen effect, you can create the illusion that you are in the movie itself or in a setting related to the film. For example, if you are reviewing a superhero movie, you could use the green screen to superimpose yourself into a scene from the movie or into a superhero-themed environment. This can add a visual element to your review that makes it more engaging and interesting for viewers.

Additionally, using the green screen effect can also allow you to add special effects or graphics to your review, such as images of the movie poster or quotes from the film. This can make your review more visually appealing and help to grab the attention of viewers.

6. Memes


Green screens can also be used to create funny or surreal effects in your videos. For example, you could use a green screen to make it look like you're a giant towering over a city, or to make it appear as though you're shrinking down to the size of a mouse.


Another idea is to use a green screen to create the illusion of having special powers or abilities. For example, you could use a green screen to make it look like you're flying, or to make it appear as though you're shooting fireballs from your hands.

7. Travel

Introduce local

A. Create a short video tour of your local area, highlighting popular landmarks, scenic spots, and unique features.

B. Share a clip of a local event or festival, such as a parade, fair, or concert, and invite others to join in the fun.

C. Record a collaborative video on weCall with a friend or family member and show off your favorite spots in your local area in a explanational way.


D. Create a video highlighting the local food and drink scene, featuring your favorite restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Travel to other places

You can use a green screen to transport yourself to a different location in your video.

Since you

For example, you could film yourself in front of a green screen, and then use Tiktok or weCall to superimpose an image of a beautiful beach or a bustling city behind you.

8. Bring your sketches to life

If you're an artist or animator, a green screen can be a great tool for bringing your drawings to life. Film yourself drawing or animating in front of a green screen and add in backgrounds and special effects to create a dynamic and engaging video.

9. Weather Report

If you're a meteorologist or just a weather enthusiast, a green screen can be a fun way to create your own weather report.

Film yourself presenting in front of a green screen and add in backgrounds and special effects to show the current weather conditions and forecast.

10. Fortune teller

You could film yourself reading tarot cards or using other fortune telling methods in front of a green screen, and then add in backgrounds and effects to create a mystical and otherworldly setting.


You could ask your viewers to submit their questions or concerns, or even inviting the audience to the green screen by using weCall, and then use a green screen to add in personalized backgrounds and effects that relate to their individual fortune.

Here is article for you

Be creative

Be creative

You can be creative to create content like Alien invasion videos. Use the green screen to create a video where aliens invade Earth, and show yourself trying to survive or fighting off the alien attackers.

This is just one of the example.

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