How to Create Green Screen Video on Tiktok

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How to Create Green Screen Video on Tiktok

One of TikTok's most popular features is the green screen effect. Content creators can easily overlay their favorite images and videos on TikTok backgrounds, expanding their creative possibilities.

1. weCall: Tiktok Collaboration App for Green Screen

What is weCall

weCall is a new tool to make green screen collab app enables to make green screen video with your friends.

Basically you can either create a video or make a call with your friends to make green screen collaboration on Tiktok, it's like FaceTime meets Green Screen.

weCall allows you to share the same background and have the feeling of being in the same place together with green screen effect.

How to make Green Screen video on weCall

You can do self green screen video on weCall, and it is so easy to make!

  1. Install weCall app on AppStore
  2. Register/Create Account or Log In
  3. Invite friends
  4. Start a call on weCall
  5. You can see Record on the bottom of the screen
  6. Stop recording by tapping red bar on the top
  7. Automatic saved so check the photo folder
  8. upload on Tiktok

All you need is to install weCall and prepare video to upload for green screen video!

Tiktok Collaboration on Green Screen

What is collaboration with Green Screen

Most unique part is to create synchronized content with your friends. You can collaborate with your friends on this function.

There are several examples you can do by this collaboration function.

Reaction videos for memes

You can create reaction videos with your friends, it should be so fun! Upload some of memes, scary videos or rollercoaster videos and make funny reactions.

Create dance video

You can dance with celebrities on this green screen video. Dance with BTS, Taylor Swift, or sing with Olivia Rodrigo.

How to make collaboration with Green Screen on weCall

All you need is to start a call with your friends on weCall, and upload video.

If you want a video without button on weCall, you can tab right bottom to start a video recording.

2. Tiktok Green Screen

Create Green Screen Video content by yourself

Of course you have Tiktok, and all you need is to tap the center button to post as usual, it is not that difficult to create green screen video.

So, you can see the “effects” button to the left of the big red record button.

Then slide over to the Green Screen tab and select the effect you wish to use. The default option selected is the simplest green screen effect, and tapping the plus sign here will bring up your camera roll, from which you can choose the image you’d like to use.

Once you pick your image, you’ll see yourself superimposed onto your background you’ve selected.

Next, just hold the record button to start recording video for green screen one!

If you wanna add multiple images you can release the button, select a new image, and repeat the previous process before resuming recording. Once you’re happy with the finished product you simply click the “next” button at the bottom right of the screen, add your text and hashtags, and click the big red “post” button.

Create duet by Green Screen video

You can create a green screen video from duet from others content. When you are scrolling on Tiktok, you might see some of the content which you want to have colloaration with.

So tap the allow button on the content below comment button, then on the bottom, you might see "duet".

From there, basically it is the same, but the what you will create is totally different from normal green screen video for that so just be careful!

3. Capcut: Tiktok Editor

How to create a Green Screen Video on Capcut

Tap on "New project" and choose a video as the background. Or you can also select multiple video clips as background. Then, tap on "Add."

Click on "Overlay" at the bottom of the screen and tap "Add overlay." Then, select the green screen video you want to add to the background.

Tap the green screen video and scroll the tools at the bottom. Find the "Chrome key" button and tap on it. The color picker will pop up. Then, you can select the green color or any other colors you wish to be remove.

Tap on the "Intensity." Then, you will see a slider at the bottom. Drag and drop the slider until the selected color disappears.

Sometimes, the lighting of the subject may be different from the background lighting. In this case, you can tap on "Shadow" to decrease or increase the shadows.

Then just export video and upload on Tiktok!

Capcut is for Tiktok Creator

If you've hoarded a bunch of green screen overlays and have been eager to use them, now is your chance to get started. Follow this quick and simple guide to do it for free on the CapCut mobile editing app.

CapCut offers two easy ways to remove green screen in no time. Firstly, it has the background remover feature that automatically removes any background. Besides, you can also use the Chroma Key function to get rid of green screen on CapCut.

Why Green Screen video on tiktok

Why is it so popular?

The green screen effect on TikTok is popular because it allows users to create unique and creative videos by removing the green color from their backgrounds and adding a different background in its place.

This can be used to create a wide range of special effects and illusions, such as making it appear as though the user is in a different location or situation.

The green screen effect is also popular because it is relatively easy to use and requires only a green screen or green background and a device with a camera and the TikTok app installed. This allows even beginners to create impressive and professional-looking videos without needing expensive equipment or advanced video editing skills.

Additionally, the green screen effect is popular on TikTok because it is a fun and engaging way to express creativity and share unique content with other users on the platform. Many TikTok users enjoy using the green screen effect to create funny, creative, and memorable videos that stand out from the crowd.

Top creators use TikTok's green screen feature in a variety of ways.

Educational content by Green Screen Video

One of the first and most effective ways is to use it as an educational tip. If you want to increase your followers on Tiktok, the quickest way is to help someone else. For example, using green screen videos in the form of videos or still images explaining relationship tips, health tips, etc. would be very effective. In weCall, it is very easy to use Green Screen while explaining things, so let's use it.

Dance video by Green Screen Video

It could be interesting to dance on Green Screen mode.

The example you see here is also taken from a video of me dancing. You could also record videos on a platform like weCall that allows you to show your entire body.

Memes, stories, an more!

Adding a visual element to TikTok makes it a great tool for telling a story or evoking pleasant (or not-so-fun) memories. Some creators use the green screen feature to create tutorials and how-tos to help explain the layered elements. Others use still images to create world travel or to showcase their hometown or country of origin.



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