How to create mobile video podcast?

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How to create mobile video podcast?

In today's fast-paced digital world, creating engaging content has become more critical than ever. Creators need to be more creative, since AI is so creative now, and everyone can be creator now, so you need to differentiate in some ways.

One popular form of content that has taken the world by storm is video podcasts, but it is very tiresome to create video podcast content or it costs a lot.

With mobile devices becoming increasingly powerful, you can now create video podcasts anytime, anywhere, right from your smartphone. In this article, we'll explore the steps to create your own mobile video podcast without any hassle.

weCall: Mobile Video Podcast Tool

What is weCall

weCall is a new mobile video podcasting tool for podcasters. It's like call but with great recording function to create podcast content anytime anywhere without breaking the bank.

Green Screen Podcast with shared background

The unique point of weCall is to create shared background content. You and your guests can share the same background like below.

You can share any video or images on the background easily.

How to create content?

  1. app on iOS AppStore.
  2. Invite your guests from Contact
  3. Start a Call
  4. Change the background into video or images
  5. Start recording
  6. Wait for the process (Don't end the call until it finishes)
  7. Check your Gallery after finishing the upload
  8. Upload on Podcast

What can be done?

Since the background images or videos can be anything, you can create any content in any way.

You can watch NBA together to explain what is going on.

Or you can create news channel by uploading news on the background.

How much?

Of course it is free. The app does not have any feature to pay, it is entirely free.

What is

The difference between Zoom call and Riverside is that the quality of the recording output after is much higher because record locally instead of backend.

Basically it is a lot better than zoom if you seek the quality even if it is expensive.

It is very exhausting finding the better tool for broadcasting, but with just, you can create high quality video.

How to create content?

  1. Install Desktop
  2. Install mobile version of it as well if you want to create mobile video
  3. Create Account
  4. Create or Join Studio
  5. Start talking
  6. The output will be on your laptop
  7. Edit it

What can be done?

Since it is almost same as the zoom, you can do video podcast style content easily, and they have editing tool itself so you will be able to edit the content as well!

How much?

You can use the app for free but it is limited. Depending on the

Screenshot 2023-04-17 at 21.44.49 (1)


What is Zoom

Almost all know zoom so may be no need to explain, but it is video call platform.

Zoom has taken the world by storm, becoming an essential tool for businesses, educational institutions, and individuals seeking to stay connected already, but it can be used for video podcasting as well if you are in the paid program.

How to create content?

  1. Sign up for a Zoom account
  2. Download the Zoom client
  3. Make a payment
  4. Schedule your podcast
  5. Invite guests
  6. Set up your recording equipment (Ensure that your webcam, microphone, and any other required equipment is properly connected and configured for optimal audio and video quality.)
  7. Record the podcast When your podcast session begins, click on "Record" to capture the video and audio of your meeting. You can choose to record locally on your computer or in the cloud.

How much?

There are three plans for Zoom.

Pro Plan:

Priced at $14.99 per month per host, the Pro plan extends the meeting duration to 30 hours, offers 1 GB of cloud recording, and provides advanced features like reporting and custom personal meeting IDs.

Business Plan

For $19.99 per month per host (minimum of 10 hosts), the Business plan includes all Pro features, plus dedicated phone support, single sign-on, and company branding.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan costs $19.99 per month per host (minimum of 50 hosts) and offers unlimited cloud storage, a dedicated customer success manager, and discounts on additional features like Zoom Rooms and Webinars.

Mobile video podcast

Creating a mobile video podcast is a simple and cost-effective way to produce engaging content for your audience.

But if you see some of video podcasting content, they always have great equipments to make the content better.

But you don't have to make it so rich at the first place.

How to start your channel?

You might feel some of hesitation. So here's tips to start your channel.

1. Just start recording

First of all, it is important to try it out how you feel. Personally I own 2 channels, and to make it start, I start to speak out, and I found a lot of things by doing that.

I am not good at conveying excitement, I tried to create NBA today channel, but I am so bad at telling my excitement on that so I decided not to start one.

2. What are your passions?

In terms of speaking on Podcast, you need to be a person who is deep into that category, so that it is better to start a channel talking about things you love or topics which you are an expert?

3. Analyze

Then, analyze other channels, Who is your target audience?What value can you provide that will help your target audience?What can you cover that is relatable to your audience? What topics are competitors covering in your field?What gaps can you fill in the market?

Then, let's start podcasting!



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