How to deal with toxic friends

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How to deal with toxic friends

Friends make life more meaningful and fun. Friends also allow us to recognize that we are needed in society. Friends provide social and emotional support when you needed. They alleviate loneliness, and increase our sense of happiness and satisfaction with life.

Some friendships, however, can be toxic.

Toxic friendships can come in many forms, but they are generally mentally draining - that can make you depressed you rather than elevate you.

How do we recognize if this is a toxic friendships or not? Not sure how to deal with the situation or how it affects you? This blog unveils what is the sign of toxic friends and how to deal with those toxic friends.

What will toxic friends do?

Everyone has good and bad days. So even if you feel they are annoying, it does not mean they are toxic. Sometimes they can be having one of those days, not feeling good. so don't judge them instantly!

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Toxic friends put you down

There's often some inside jokes within friends. Where you joke about each others. Little teasing doesn't mean that your friendship is toxic. But if that happens every day, to the point you are not feeling comfortable, it can mean they are being toxic to you. They might come up to you and make you feel miserable or stupid by making fun of your personality. If you feel you're not feeling mentally happy around them - that's the sign!

Toxic friends compare you to others

Anyone doesn't like to get pointed out on your inferiority. Especially when compared to other friends. Toxic friends tend to deny your ownself, and deny your being. (such as "if you behave like Chloe, you would be invited to the party!" or "if you stop wearing that damn hoodie, you'll be much cooler.")

Those friends who do not show any respect to you, can be harming. We all are different, and if that friend does not see the special you have within yourself, that means they are not worth being a friend. The world is so much bigger than a school so don't limit yourself within school and think much broader.

There's always a place where you can just be YOU.

Show off on Tiktok or instagram

Toxic friends tend to show off to demonstrate their superiority. If your friends shows off on social network, and expect you to do the same, it could be they are toxic. Those friends are on the game of gaining number of followers or likes, you are so much worth than any of those numbers - just don't try to get yourself into those endless game.

Toxic friends might not apologize to you

Of course no one wants to get accused. But when your friend did something wrong to you yet don't apologize, that means they own lack of respect.

Toxic friends will always make themselves a victim

Toxic friends often seem to be in crisis. Yet even when there is a real problem, they rarely take the initiative to control their reactions or remedy the situation.

As a result, they can be helpless yet needy. Leaving you feeling worried, frustrated, or even resentful.

How to deal with toxic friends

1. Talk about how you feel to toxic friends

If you don't like how you're being treated, try it out by going up to them and telling how you feel about them, nothing will happen without conversation. It is important to let them know that you are not okay with whatever is happening.

They might come up with some lies for a variety of reasons (including a lack of self-confidence or not wanting others to think they are inferior.) or even try to manipulate to get their point across. The hard part is they may be unconsciously doing it to you. But always put your feelings first more than anything.

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2. Take some space with toxic friends

If you talk to each other and still find nothing has improved, you may want to take some distance from your friend for a while and see what can be changed.

By distancing yourself from the friendship, you can sort out your feelings and clarify what you are feeling. You can also see what life looks like without that person.

It can be hard to leave someone you was with for a lot of time, but remember, this can be a great step towards a healthy step for both of you. But also, if you both feel better without each other, it is a sign of growing apart.

3. Set boundaries with your friends

Boundaries are important if you want to maintain your friendship.

By making it clear, on how you will not accept certain behaviors (such as yelling, lying, gossiping, or skipping appointments without any explanation) it can be easier for both of them to understand what and how it is to respect one another.

For example, "I don't like to be put down, so if you keep making jokes about me, I can't do this anymore."

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4. Don't dance around the drama

If your friend is gossiping about someone else when that person is not around, that person can be doing the same to you; gossiping about you when you are not around.

Laughing at or being interested in gossip is a very normal reaction. However, if you choose to fall prey to gossip on a regular basis, you could be doing your own reputation and relationships a disservice.

5. Unfollow on Social media

Unfriend sounds tough though, so it is better just unfollow/mute your friend for a while to see how you feel. The social media nowadays, keep you up with all the daily updates; from where you are, what you are doing, who you are with. You do not need all those information for friendship.

Keep some distance so that you can cherish the moments you have with yourself. At the very end it is yourself who you should make happy about.

6. Fill the blank

Toxic friendships can take up a lot of your time and energy. Once you get off of those friends, you may have some extra space in your life for something new.

It can be a fresh start or a chance to make time for yourself. It is also a great time to meet positive people and build healthier relationships that will not drag you down. You deserve to be happy :)

7. Join toxic-free social network


Discord is conversation based social network where you can talk with your friends or strangers.

There are many communities around game on Discord, also some of mental health communities as well.



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Dealing with toxic Friends

Get some Professional help

If you think you need some professional help with dealing with a toxic friend or breaking up with one, don’t shy away from talking to your therapist. Expert can always guide you through.

Be in a toxic-free environment

Try to be in a toxic-free environment all the time.

If you feel you are being forced to change your identity, personality, what you wear etc, try to avoid having those friends around you.

Our differences make us who we are. Everyone is different and those differences enrich our communities' diversities.

Just be yourself.

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