How to maintain friendship in a healthy way

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How to maintain friendship longer in a healthy way

I am always with friends mostly 2 or 3, and I am with them almost all the time. Friends can keep me grounded, and I belive that I help them too. Friends help us manage the problems that life throws at us. So maintaining friendship is like maintaining mental health, being myself.

6 tips to maintain friendship longer

1. Be honest with each other

Being honest with each other is very vital in any relationship. The key to make your friendship strengthen and healthy is to talk about both feeling honestly. Sometimes you don't like the idea or you might feel negative things toward your friends, if you want to make it healthier, tell the feeling you have, and ask your friends to open up.

Both will not get tired of being patient all the time, will understand true feelings.

2. Show your friends that you care

Being honest sometimes sounds harsh, so tell that you care about your friends. If the intention is making your friendship longer and healthier, true friends will understand that, but it is important to show your care to your friends.

One of the best way to make it happen is to state gratitude or your good traits to friends.


Your friends know you better than yourself. Giving positive gratitude will help maintain your friendship. Tagging them on Twitter, weCall, Facebook, etc, celebrating birthday or achievements.

3. Get to know more

The intimacy acceleration

One of my favorite show Big Bang Theory introduced the game called "The Intimacy Acceleration".

Basically it is about science that demistify how to foster the friendship or friendship.

Take just 45 min to 60 min for this some day, your friendship will get much fun by this.

Get to know questions

If you've done the intimacy acceleration test, you can ask whatever you want, whatever you are curious about.

You both might feel open for anything already after that. Also how others ask questions might be interesting.

4. Do more together online

Since the covid spreads, we tend to spend more times online. Playing games, reading books, or yoga.

Instead of wasting time on tiktok or snapchat, engaging in genuine talks or activities together.

One of the thing could be sharing album together. Sharing memory together nourishes friendship.

5. Lift each other to maintain friendship

Listening is caring. The fact that you support your friends helps your friends drastically, and by helping your friends, you got helped too.

When you are in a bad mood and need someone to talk to, if someone is available, it will lift your mood.

Be good friends.

6. Respect boundaries

Sometimes friend goes through a rough time, if you are happy to help, do that but unless you don't have to feel the obligation to help them. You have your own life too, and it is vice versa.

Even if your friends text back for a day, it doesn't mean they don't luke you anymore.

They might be spending busy day, go though a tough time. Understand that they are not your tools to lift your mood.

Friendship is about your emotion

Of course if the friend does not consider you as friend, it will not lead to the friendship, and its vice versa.

If you don't want to continue to be with friends, you can talk about it, and true friends will understand and take time to fix it.

Be a good friend

Not only about freindship but in any shape of relationship, if you are kind to others, others will be kind to you too. If you are cruel to your friends, friends will be like that.

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Control your anger toward your friends

You might feel you got so angry with your friends. It happens, it' a life. You can control your emotion by counting or just brethe slowly. When I get angry, I count one two three, then I breathe really slowly, inhale... exhale... Then my anger becomes bit better.

Maintain Friendship

In my opinion, the topic of how to maintain friendship should be open up honestly to talk about it.

Communication is the most important. Be honest, talk about things you feel.



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