How to prevent burnout: Social media and Burnout

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How to prevent burnout

Burnout and social media

Covid makes our life spend more time on social media, and it triggeres one phonomena, people start boasting how fun their life is, and it makes people get exhausted.

Social media is toxic when you just care about number of likes, the more you get likes the more you tend to show off your life. This leds you to be burnout, and in this article, I will just talk about how to prevent burnout.

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Like Junkies and burnout

Like Junkies explains a lot, people don't spend such a cool life but they try to make it better only in social media. The gap between ideal life and real life makes you more miserable.

On Instagram, all you see is others boast or you boast, there are plenty of hashtags like #girlboss #bff to boast their life, and it becomes everything about instagram.

According to WHO, this burnout phonomena becomes one of the mental health problem from 2019.


Burnout and social media

It is pretty common for people to get burnout by using social media, but you need to recognize it. Social media burnout occurs when you experience prolonged times of high stress.

What is burnout?

Burnout is about feeling lack of energy or consuming too much brain, also about feeling the mental distance between you and others, feeling about distrustful emotion or feeling unproductive all the time.

Environmental burnout

Sometimes environment is highly related to burnout. When you start new school, you are so excited and looking forward to spending amazing new life at new school. But when the school life sometimes goes disappointing, that makes you feel burnout.

Chronical burnout

Chronical burnout is much problematic than environmental one. If you feel it is chronical, you need a rest from your current life style. It could be about using too much instagram, it could be about reading too much about ideal your life.


How to prevent burnout?

So what is the cause of the burnout? There are plenty of reasons to get burnout.

1. Burnout by Unrealistic goal

Having goals and dreams is important, but when you see the career through someone's filter, you tend to put unrealistic goals from impatience or irritation.

On Instagram, people tend to post the best moment and no one talks about their problems or post from just their boredom. Thus, people fucus on "How others see" instead of focusing on themselves.

All others spend their lives in a cool way but you are not, and all you do is to seek "the best moment" of your life and post them. You feel pressure about posting that kind of cool life, and it causes the burnout.

One of the best thing you can deal with it is to stop using those toxic social media, or you need to unfollow people who post unrealistic life.

2. Burnout by Comparing you with others on social media

Related to unrealistic goal, one of the cause you get burnout is to compare you with others.

"Why am I spending my time at home alone?" "Why my friends are doing party and I'm not invited?" "I should be thinner to be like her" "I need to study more do more because others do"

This kinds of feelings make you feel exhausted. What you need to focus is not others but you.

3. Burnout by your laziness

Being lazy is often described as bad thing, but it is not. Many of people feel guilty about being lazy, but you don't have to. You sometimes need a rest.

You need to accept yourself about being lazy.

4. Burnout by lack of your time

If you feel you need to get phone all the time, it might be a bad sign of getting burnout.

That could be fear of missing out. "Some of friends might talk without me on group chat" "Some of friends might invite me to the party" This is typical fomo, and you start worrying about missing something important when you don't have phone.

So take your own time. Just put your phone away just for 2 or 3 hours, take a bath, read books, or talk with friends without phone.

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