How to record using the front and back camera

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How to record using the front and back camera

The answer is using weCall. weCall is the best app to record video using both front and back camera simultaneously.

This weCall allows you to record much better video than Tiktok. Zoom in and out, better fps etc.

What to do using both camera?

Reaction Videos: "Two Sides of the Reaction"

Record your facial expressions using the front camera while watching a video, movie trailer, or engaging in an activity. Capture the content itself with the back camera. Sync the two videos during editing to show your reactions alongside the content.


Travel Vlogs: "Immersive Adventures"

Use the front camera to vlog your personal experiences, thoughts, and reactions. Simultaneously capture the breathtaking scenery and landmarks using the back camera. Create a dynamic and immersive travel vlog that showcases both your reactions and the places you're exploring.


Product Reviews: "Review and Reveal"

Record yourself unboxing and reviewing a product using the front camera. Simultaneously record close-ups of the product details and features using the back camera. Combine the footage to provide viewers with a comprehensive review, including your reactions and a detailed look at the product.


Educational Demonstrations: "Teach and Showcase"

Utilize the front camera to explain concepts, demonstrate processes, or showcase DIY projects. Use the back camera to provide a clear view of your hands or the objects you're working with. Merge the videos to create an engaging educational video that combines your explanations with visual demonstrations.

This can be video podcasting as well.


Family or Friends Gatherings: "Moments and Memories"

Record your interactions and conversations with family or friends using the front camera. Capture the ambiance, decorations, and overall atmosphere using the back camera. Edit the footage to encapsulate the emotions, interactions, and environment of the gathering.


Fitness and Workout Videos: "Train and Explain"

Set up the front camera to record your workout routine and your reactions to different exercises. Use the back camera to demonstrate proper form and techniques. Merge the videos to create an informative workout video that combines your actions and explanations.

Art and Creative Projects: "Craft and Exhibit"

Record your creative process and reactions using the front camera as you work on art, crafts, or other projects. Capture detailed shots of the artwork or project using the back camera. Edit the footage to showcase your creativity, techniques, and the final results.

Interviews and Conversations: "Dual Perspectives"

Record an interview or conversation using the front camera to capture the expressions and reactions of both participants. Position the back camera to show the overall setting and the interaction from a wider angle. Create an engaging dialogue video that provides insight into both participants' reactions and the context of the conversation.

Outdoor Adventures: "React and Explore"

Use the front camera to document your reactions and thoughts as you embark on an adventure. Capture the scenic landscapes and outdoor activities using the back camera. Edit the footage to share both your personal experience and the beauty of the outdoors.

Benefits of Dual Camera Recording

Enhanced Storytelling

Dual camera recording enables you to capture not only your facial expressions and reactions but also the context of your surroundings. This adds depth and context to your videos, making your stories more engaging and relatable.

Immersive Experience

By recording with both cameras, you provide viewers with a richer, more immersive experience. They can see both your emotional response and the scene that triggered it, creating a stronger connection to the content.

Efficient Content Creation

Dual camera recording eliminates the need for separate shots from different angles, streamlining the recording process. This is particularly beneficial for vloggers, content creators, and anyone who wants to capture genuine reactions in real time.

Techniques for Dual Camera Recording

Choose the Right App

To effectively use both the front and back cameras simultaneously, you'll need an app that supports this feature. Many smartphones have built-in camera apps that allow dual camera recording, or you can explore third-party apps with this capability.

weCall is the app to make it.


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