Is there any video chat app which can be alternative for HouseParty?

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Is there any video chat app which can be alternative for HouseParty?

The answer is YES! wave app is a new video chat app like HouseParty popular among college students in the US debut at October 2023.

Likewise HouseParty, wave enables you to get notified when your friends are available, joining the room, and share content at the background to enjoy serendipitous experience.


What is wave?

One Click Call

The best part of wave app is not getting unannounced call like FaceTime or WhatsApp.

When you are playing game or watching something, getting incoming call is super annoying!

wave makes you free from that and get notified by simple notification that your friends joined the room and waved at you.


Spontaneous Video Chat

wave's One-Click Call is not just about convenience; it's about creating serendipitous moments in a digital world.

The app's design encourages unexpected encounters and delightful surprises, much like meeting a friend by chance on the street. Let's explore how this serendipity is achieved.

What is HouseParty?

As you all know, HouseParty is closed but just in case explain what is HouseParty app.

HouseParty app is designed for teenagers to connect with their friends easily.

It uses your phone contacts, as well as your friends from Snapchat to help you build a network of friends on the app.

Once you're on the app, it shows you which of your friends are online and who has been active recently likewise wave app.

If you see one of your friends online when you are, simply tap the "join" button next to their name to start chatting with them instantly.

It's a great way to stay connected with your pals!

So the concept of the app is very similar with wave app.

Vision of wave app

Did you know that on average, teens spend a staggering 6 hours a day on their phones? That's a big chunk of our waking hours! But what's even more concerning is the negative impact of mindless scrolling on our mental health. Let's take a closer look at why we need to break free from this digital trap.

The Psychological Manipulation

Social media companies are experts at keeping us hooked. T hey use sophisticated techniques to keep us scrolling, tapping, and swiping for hours on end.

From endless notifications to carefully crafted content algorithms, they know how to keep us coming back for more.

Superficial Social Media Culture

Culture becomes fast fashion because of social media. Social media platforms have given birth to a culture of superficiality.

People curate their lives to look perfect, use filters to enhance their images, and compete for likes and followers. It's like we're living in a constant popularity contest where real connections often take a backseat to appearances.

The Digital Rabbit Hole

Have you ever started scrolling through your feed and suddenly realized hours have passed by? The infinite scroll of social media is like a digital rabbit hole. It's easy to get lost in the sea of content, but are we really connecting with others in a meaningful way?

The Loss of Spontaneity

Remember those unplanned, casual encounters with friends or colleagues? The pandemic took away those "water cooler" moments. Now, almost all video calls feel scheduled and obligatory, making them less enjoyable. It's become a chore to make a simple call.

wave: Rekindling Real Connections

Since HouseParty disappears, wave is trying to relive the culture of spontaneous experience.

We want to build a culture where friendship and authentic connections take center stage. Instead of mindlessly scrolling, we believe in spontaneous video chat experiences that bring back the joy of real human connection.

So, let's break free from the digital trap, step away from mindless scrolling, and start cherishing the friendships that truly matter. It's time to wave goodbye to superficiality and embrace the beauty of real connections.


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