Is there any way to record front and back camera simultaneously?

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Is there any way to record front and back camera simultaneously?

YES, you can do using by weCall app where you can record both front and back camera both alone and video call.

Here's how to make it!


weCall app: Dual Camera App

weCall is an app designed for creators who want to capture both their front-facing and rear-facing camera simultaneously. It offers a seamless solution for showcasing both what you see and your facial expressions, making it the ideal choice for content creators.

Whether you're vlogging, demonstrating a product, providing tutorials, or engaging in any form of creative expression, weCall empowers you to record yourself and your surroundings in a single frame. With weCall, you can effortlessly share your perspective and connect with your audience on a more personal level by combining your face and the content you're capturing.

No matter the endeavor, weCall is the go-to app for creators who seek to present a holistic view, ensuring that viewers can both see your reactions and experience the world through your eyes.


How to use weCall

weCall is available on the Appstore, only for iOS now. Here's how it works.

  1. Download weCall app on the Appstore
  2. Sign up by your phone number
  3. Start recording, that's all!
  4. If you want to make a video call to create content, just invite friends
  • weCall has function to record with audio for video call unlike the OS recording.


What you can do by opening both front and back camera?

1. Video interviews

Conduct interviews where both the interviewer and interviewee can be seen simultaneously.

2. Vlogging

Capture your face and what you're looking at, enhancing your vlogs with dual perspectives. When you are traveling and show both worlds, it can be interesting! You can show authentic reaction from you. Share your experiences while traveling, capturing your face and the exciting locations you visit.


3. Product demonstrations

Showcase a product or service by recording your face and demonstrating its features simultaneously.

DIY instructions can be interesting. Create instructional videos where you can showcase your face and the steps involved in a project. If you are working at cafe, factory etc, you can create instruction video as well.

4. Language learning

Record yourself speaking a foreign language while capturing the learning material or surroundings for context. Even weCall has function to. upload the background that you can upload words, sentences, or some of videos to explain the context as well.

5. Fitness coaching

Create workout videos where you can demonstrate exercises while capturing your form and facial cues.

Or it can be used for class recording. Document lectures or presentations with both the instructor and the presentation material.

6. Recipe tutorials

Record yourself preparing a recipe while showing your face and the cooking process.

7. Storytelling

Engage friends or viewers by narrating stories while displaying relevant illustrations or scenes. It will be more authentic by showing your genuine life.

Call and Record

Furthermore, weCall also allows you to make video calls with your friends while simultaneously recording both camera feeds. While it's important to note that on iOS, recording a video call with audio is not supported, you can still record the video portion with the consent of your friends.

By using weCall, you can engage in video conversations with your friends, capturing their reactions and your own simultaneously. Although audio recording is not available, with the consent of your friends, you can document your video calls and relive those cherished moments.

Please remember to always respect the privacy and consent of others when using the app to record video calls. Communication and consent are key to ensuring a positive and ethical use of the weCall app.




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