Best app to Cherish Friends IRL

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Best app to Cherish IRL Friends

It is not so easy to have just friendship app. Most of apps are just dating app and full of scams.

So today I want to introduce a new social app used among teens and the app used among friends IRL.


weCall with friends and partner

FaceTime Meets BeReal

weCall is a new video call app; FaceTime Meets BeReal.


weCall is designed to bring people together like never before! You can open both front and rear camera simultaneously to show what you see, watch YouTube videos, browse pictures, and explore websites alongside your friends in real-time.


Open front and rear camera

One of the best feature on weCall is to show what people can see during the video call, it means you can show your face and see friends face while you are showing what you see.


Use Web View

Web View has infinite possibilities. You can share the article to talk about, some gossip, youtube etc.

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Share memories

You can share memories as well, very easily. Just upload photos or videos in your photo gallery relive those special moments with your friends and loved ones. Whether it's a funny video or a heartfelt photo, our app lets you share your memories in a way that truly brings people closer together.

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Create content with friends

Reaction videos for memes

You can create reaction videos with your friends, it should be so fun! Upload some of memes, scary videos or rollercoaster videos and make funny reactions.

Create dance video

You can dance with celebrities on this green screen video. Dance with BTS, Taylor Swift, or sing with Olivia Rodrigo.

Cherish your friends

The current social media landscape is often fraught with toxicity, where likes and followers have become the currency of self-worth.

People are often forced to put on a façade, portraying an idealized version of themselves in order to gain popularity.

At weCall, we recognize the harmful effects of this culture and believe that true connections are built on the foundation of genuine relationships. Our app is designed to be a place where users can cherish and celebrate their friendships without chasing after meaningless likes or followers.

We believe that true connections are built on shared experiences and meaningful interactions, not the number of likes or followers one has. With weCall, we offer a platform where users can connect with their friends on a deeper level, share experiences, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

At weCall, we are committed to creating a positive and healthy environment that fosters genuine connections and celebrates the true meaning of friendship.



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