Long Distance Family: 12 Ways To Stay Connected

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Long Distance Family: 12 Ways To Stay Connected

Distance can be a challenging obstacle for families who are spread out across cities, countries, or even continents. However, the longing to be near our loved ones can also spark creativity in the ways we connect and maintain our bonds. In this comprehensive guide, we'll discuss twelve profound ways to keep the heartstrings taut and the familial bonds unbreakable, no matter the miles that separate us.


1. Regular Video Wave Calls: Beyond The Ordinary

Wave is the next video call app for people in long distance mostly. The most unique part of Wave app is to notify your online status to your friends and family so that you don't have to worry about what they do now.

Better than FaceTime

FaceTime is obsolete video call app which has a lot of bugs but not for Wave.

Wave is more stable and more function for sharing things during video call.


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Online Status

They might be busy? No they are already online!

Privacy Protected

There have been instances like the FaceTime bug in early 2019 that allowed callers to listen to the recipient's audio before they picked up the call.

Furthermore, it is said that Apple is listening to you all the time.

Always be wary of sharing personal or sensitive information on FaceTime, even if they are considered secure.


2. Snail Mail: The Charm of Handwritten Letters

Instantaneous messages zipping through the ether nowadays, it is so valuable to use something tangible.

Reaching recipients in mere fractions of a second, there lies an ineffable beauty in the tangible, in the feel of coarse paper between your fingers.

In the smudged ink that speaks of someone's hurried excitement or the carefully crafted cursive that tells tales of thoughtfulness, and it's this tactile experience, this slow journey of a letter makes you feel good.

Making snail mail not an archaic form of communication, but a bridge across time and space, a testament to patience, anticipation, and the deep-seated human desire to connect at a profound level.

3. Digital Family Calendar

Imagine a digital tapestry.

It's woven with threads of countless events, birthdays, anniversaries, milestones, and dreams. This canvas stretches across the digital realm. It's accessible from the sleek smartphones in our pockets to the humming computers on our desks.

Every family member, from young Timmy marking his first school trip to Aunt Clara penciling in her book club meetings, contributes. Even Grandpa Joe sets reminders for his morning walks.

Everyone adds threads to this ever-evolving mosaic. This isn't just a tool for organization. It stands as a living testament to the rhythms of a family's life, reflecting its ebbs and flows, its highs and lows. This digital calendar isn't just a reminder of dates. It's a chronicle of a family's journey through time.

Google Calendar

While not exclusively a family calendar, its sharing features make it easy for family members to create and share events. Multiple calendars can be viewed at once, and it's compatible with various devices.

Cozi Family Organizer

This app is specifically designed for families. It offers a shared calendar, to-do lists, shopping lists, recipe box, and a journal for capturing memories. Each family member can have a different color code, making it easy to track individual schedules.

4. Family Blog or Newsletter

In this vast digital expanse, bytes and pixels converge to create narratives.

There's a special corner for every family, waiting to be populated with tales. Stories range from a baby's first steps to Uncle Bob's fishing misadventures.

High school graduation speeches and sunsets during solo trips are shared. These aren't just isolated fragments. They are chapters of an unfolding saga written by family members. Despite their diverse locations and life paths, they converge on this digital platform.

They share memories, laugh, reminisce, and occasionally shed a tear. The family blog becomes more than just a montage. It's a living entity that chronicles the hues of familial love.

5. Reading or Movie Club

Life is filled with noise, but solace is found in shared stories. Families explore adventures between the pages of a book or frames of a movie.

Each member experiences emotions, action, tragedies, and comedies. They later gather to discuss these narratives.

Discussions might be digital or during family reunions. Insights are shared and real-life events are compared. Reading or watching becomes a collective journey. Stories become bridges and narratives glue the family together.

6. Traveling Family Journal

There's a tangible artifact filled with memories.

It might start with a teenager's doodle or a grandmother's poem. This journal then travels across continents.

It moves from the streets of New York to New Zealand's landscapes. Each handoff enriches the journal with stories, sketches, and recipes. This once blank canvas becomes a treasure trove of experiences.

The journal stands as a testament to the family's creativity and resilience.

7. Online Multiplayer Gaming

Digital arenas pulse with energy. Here, avatars clash and strategies evolve. Family members, young and old, participate in these games.

They may fight battles, cast spells, or build empires. These gaming experiences go beyond the screen. Families create memories and foster bonds. They celebrate victories and mourn defeats together.

These gaming sessions become arenas of bonding. They help understand each other's strengths and weaknesses.

8. Collaborative Playlists

Music is a universal language. It transcends boundaries. Families use it to weave narratives. Songs, melodies, and rhythms echo shared moments.

A mother's lullaby, a cousin's rock anthem, and generational classical pieces are included. These tracks create a unique soundscape. It's a musical journey of the family's shared history.

This playlist becomes more than just songs. It's a reflection of the family's journey through life.

9. Shared Digital Photo Albums

Bytes transform into memories.

Use Wave app is one of the way to make it happen as well on the video call.

A special repository emerges, filled with love and care. Photographs range from a toddler's first steps to surprise proposals. Candid snapshots of family barbecues are also included. These are not just images. They are moments of life captured in time. When stitched together, they tell a story of love, growth, and milestones. The albums become chronicles of a family's journey.



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