Most Popular Social Apps in the US

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Most Popular Social Apps in the US

We are more connected than ever before. Thanks to the myriad of social networking platforms available today, they can easily keep in touch with friends, share experiences, and create content in real-time.

This article explores the most popular social apps for mostly young adults

1. weCall app: Video Call with Front & Back Camera

weCall is a new communication app for teens connect together. The most unique part of weCall is opening both front and back camera simultaneously. It's like FaceTime meets BeReal, so you can feel the video call is more engaging.

The core ethos of weCall is about promoting genuine, close-knit relationships, a contrast to other platforms that often focus on gaining followers.

This innovative video-calling app is quickly gaining momentum among teens who value authenticity and shared experiences over popularity metrics.

How to use weCall

Operating weCall is as straightforward as popular messaging apps like WhatsApp or FaceTime.

All a user needs to do is add their friends from their contacts and initiate a call. The simplicity of this process makes it a hit among teenagers who want an easy and effective way to stay connected with their friends.

Front & Back Camera Video Call

The standout feature of weCall is its ability to use both front and back cameras simultaneously during a video call. This feature provides a more immersive experience, enabling users to share their surroundings while conversing in real time.

Record Your Video Call

On weCall, you can easily record video calls using the following steps:

  1. Invite a friend to join the video call.

  2. If you don't have their phone number saved as a contact, add it to your contacts list (similar to FaceTime and WhatsApp).

  3. Initiate a video call by selecting the option to start a video call.

  4. Once the video call has started, navigate to the recording page within the app.

  5. On the recording page, you will find a button or option to start recording the video call.

  6. Before proceeding with the recording, make sure to obtain consent from the other person involved in the call.

  7. Once the recording is complete, you can stop the recording and end the video call.

  8. After the call, you can access the recorded video and review it for any purposes you may have.

Call with friends IRL

Ad I said, weCall allows you to share the same background and have the feeling of being in the same place together.

You can share memories, share some funny videos and talk about it, or just upload calm videos on background and just talk!


Call app for teens

The majority of users on weCall are teenagers. With the outbreak of COVID-19, people have become more isolated, staying at home, and causing the distance between friends to increase.

weCall provides a platform that allows you to experience the feeling of being together with your friends, regardless of the distance between you.

Maintain friendship

weCall is about irl friendship.

If you already have friends, just invite your friends on weCall and start sharing your life, chatting, and have a group chat.

You can start Call or just create contents with new green screen collab1

2. nocam

What is nocam

Nocam is a one-of-a-kind social video app that offers a distinct approach to social networking. It distinguishes itself by disabling the camera's preview feature while users are filming, creating a more authentic experience.

The primary objective of this unique feature is to enhance the naturalness of capturing moments, eliminating self-consciousness and the desire to edit one's appearance. Nocam aims to simulate real-life interactions where individuals don't have a constant mirror reflecting their image.

What is unique on Nocam

Authentic Filming Experience

By removing the camera's preview, Nocam encourages users to film without constantly seeing their own image. This promotes a more genuine and unfiltered representation of the moment being captured.

Engaging Prompts and Challenges

Nocam offers a variety of prompts and challenges for users to engage with. These prompts can range from specific dances to spinning in a circle or sharing current activities. Each prompt comes with a random audio clip to further inspire creativity and spontaneity.

Captioned Sharing

After recording, users can add captions to their clips before sharing them with their network. Unlike direct responses to prompts, users can share their videos with a wider audience, expanding the social interaction beyond the initial prompt.

3. BeReal: No-filter Social media

What is Bereal?

Bereal is a social media notifying you at a random moment every day to take a photo within 2 minutes, meaning that you cannot edit or filter photos but you can only post photos from camera at the moment you got notified.

Since BeReal has started among college students, the app itself is popular among young adults and teens.

BeReal is for genuine friendship

Likewise Poparazzi and weCall, Bereal is trying to build genuine and less toxic social media for teens.

On Instagram, Body image issues are real, which many of teens develop eating disorder.

So Bereal is one of the social media app to make it less toxic and better for mental health.

4. Waffle

What is Waffle app?

Waffle is a fantastic app designed specifically for teens, providing a space where they can connect with friends and experience the warmth and joy of group journaling.

It recreates the feeling of gathering with loved ones who bring comfort and positive energy into your life. Whether you want to share a delicious snapshot of your breakfast burrito or express your thoughts and experiences, Waffle is the perfect platform for you.

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Private Journaling with your friends

I think the waffle app is a place where people can say things to each other that they normally can't say. Or it would be a useful application for families or couples who have been separated by long distances.

It is a private place where we can collect our thoughts and share them with each other in our daily lives when our minds tend to be dominated by Tiktok and YouTube shorts.

5. Yubo: New social media for video chat and dating

Yubo is and app to have live chat and meet new people to date with. It became viral because of controversy of being “Tinder for teens”, Yubo allows peoiple to swipe-to-match with like-minded people which imitates the tinder or bumble.

There are so many incidents and creeps reported.

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Live Streaming social media app

Yubo is renowned for its live-streaming capabilities. With live-streaming, you can have up to ten people participating with you, and the number of viewers is infinite. Streamers can only join if they receive an invitation from the host or member hosting the live stream. nts to kill someone, and Alyssa is trying to escape the world where she is, then they happened to kill a person.

6. Rave

What is Rave?

Rave is an awesome app that allows you to have fun with your friends no matter where you are!

Here are some ideas for things you can do on Rave.

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What you can do on Rave

Watch movies together

Rave lets you and your friends watch movies together in real time! You can choose from a selection of movies on the app or add your own. As you watch, you can chat with your friends and react to the movie together.

Listen to music together

With Rave, you can listen to music with your friends in real time. You can choose songs from your own library or from streaming services like YouTube and SoundCloud. As you listen, you can chat and share your thoughts on the music.

Screenshot 2023-02-22 at 18.25.50

Play games together

Rave also lets you and your friends play games together. You can choose from a variety of games on the app, including trivia and charades. As you play, you can chat and compete against each other.

Host a virtual party

With Rave, you can host a virtual party for your friends. You can set up a playlist of music, choose a movie to watch, and even play games. As you party, you can chat and have fun with your friends.

7. GAS: Find your crush!

What is Gas app

Gas follows a similar purpose to tbh in being a social media app oriented towards high schoolers.

In the app, users participate in anonymous polls regarding pre-written complimentary statements to their peers. Winners of said polls receive a "flame."

The name of the app is derived from this, with "gassing someone up" being Gen Z slang for complimenting someone. Users can pay a $6.99 subscription that enables "God Mode," which shows hints regarding who voted for them in a poll.

People nowadays spend less with friends

There are many reasons why people may spend less time with their friends. Some common reasons include:

Busy schedules: People may have busy work or family obligations that leave them with little free time to socialize.

Distance: Friends may live far apart, making it difficult to get together regularly.

Changes in life circumstances: Friends may go through major life changes, such as moving to a new city or starting a family, which can affect their ability to spend time together.

Changes in personal interests or priorities: People may grow apart as their interests and priorities change over time.

So if you feel that, visit those apps and use with your friends.


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