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Most Popular Social Media 2024


Everyone knows facebook(meta), tiktok, or instagram are the most popular social media all over the world, but what is the next social media? In this article, you can see…

  1. Most popular social media for teen
  2. Next social media for teen
  3. Most popular social media for couples
  4. Most popular social media for adults
  5. Most popular social media for anime So let’s get started!

Emerging new social apps 2024

weCall: FaceTime Meets BeReal


weCall is a unique video call app that allows you and your friends to have fun and immersive experiences.

With the green screen effect, you can all share the same background, making it feel like you're physically together.

Whether you want to upload images or videos as backgrounds, watch movies together, or virtually travel to places you've always wanted to visit, weCall has got you covered.


But that's not all! weCall also lets you to collaborate with your friends for TikTok content. By calling your friends and starting something fun, you can dance together and upload TikTok videos, just like your favorite artists such as The Box, BTS, or Number one baby.

weCall is a perfect app to stay connected with friends, have fun, and create TikTok content together.


Dispo: Invite-only Instagram

Dispo is an invite-only app that brings back some of the fun of a disposable camera.

You can think of it like Instagram, but you cannot edit pictures. Dispo’s concept is simple with nostalgia and authenticity.

All you need is to take photos whatever you want likewise instagram, but the pictures need time to “develop.” You can’t see them until the following morning at 9 a.m.

Locket: Private photo widget app

Unlike other social networks where you can find countless friends, Locket is more intimate.

You can only add up to five friends on this app. Social apps that allow you to share with many people are great, but they also limit what you share.

As name suggests, you can share the pic as widget, not only inside the app but also home screen of the app.


Made with Friends

MW/F, short for Made With Friends, is this dope app that helps you discover the real you, but through the eyes of your legit friends.

What sets this app apart is that your crew actually makes your profile. They do this by answering questions about you, tagging you in different prompts, and taking pics and videos of you.

And guess what? MW/F is brought to you by TTYL Inc., the masterminds behind the viral 2021 app "Poparazzi" and the 2020 hit app "TTYL".

Old apps but still popular

Most popular Social app for teen: yubo

One of the most popular app for teen is app called yubo. yubo is designed to meet new teens and have group video call with your friends and new friends. More than 40 million teens are using people to connect with strangers and meet them.

It’s more likely dating app but can have connections there too. I met a lot of creepy child predators there but still it’s good app to find good friends. Yubo calls itself a social media to chat and livestream with friends. In the google store, the ratings are 3.8. Users need to provide access to microphone and GPS. Users of the app can swipe right to say ‘yes’ and left for ‘no’, exactly as on Tinder and other dating apps. On Yubo, if both parties say ‘yes’, they are matched and can then chat and follow each other on Snapchat or Instagram. Users can also host live video streams or chats which are open for viewing. So strangers and friends alike can view such streamed events!

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Next popular social media for couples: Cobble

Cobble is very interesting app, it’s a social app for couples to have plans for date. You and your parnter may end up going to have dinner at the usual restaurant or known one but less thrilling. Likewise Tinder, you and your partner swipe restaurants you wanna try and then show match results based on you both love. Sadly, in boston it is not available, they are operating in NY right now though. Cobble calls itself a social media to discover new things to do together Users can swipe and find places to go, also host events together. Cobble is only available in NY now.

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Most popular social media for adults: Callin VS Clubhouse

I am not much into this world but adults are using Callin and Clubhouse for live broadcasting to share their knowledge, advertise their products, or discuss some of the topics they love. Unlike podcasts, the content on callin or clubhouse is more interactive. They describe their social media as social podcasting. Clubhouse is a bit different from Callin, Clubhouse is starting from exclusive social podcasting social media. It is so popular among celebrities first. Basically those are very similar apps so 2022 will see which would be better for adults to have social podcasting.

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Most popular social media for anime lovers: Amino

Amino is super geeky social media I’ve ever seen, it is difficult to understand how to use but I love it. You can co-watch some of anime together with strangers. Amino has bunch of communities around anime and you can discover likeminded fandom, and chat with them. One thing I don’t like is lags and crashes a lot but people there are so fun to chat. Amino calls itself asocial media for communities and fandom In the google store, the ratings are 4.2. Users are watching live anime together and chatting about it. Amino is very popular social media among anime lovers.

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Most Popular Social Media: Facebook Youtube and Tiktok

According to TechCrunch Article, Tiktok will reach 755 million monthly users in 2022, and ranked the third largest social media all over the world. A new forecast has dubbed TikTok as the world’s third-largest social network, just behind Facebook and Instagram. In its inaugural forecast on TikTok’s global install base, Insider Intelligence — the firm previously known as eMarketer — predicts that TikTok will reach 755.0 million monthly users in 2022, after seeing 59.8% growth in 2020, followed by 40.8% growth in 2021. Covid has changed our life style entirely, and people started to use tiktok a lot. Not only young generations, but also even traditionals started to use tiktok as well. Tiktok is so popular among all of age groups nowadays. Most Popular Social Media 2022 Those are lists of the most popular social media 2022. But this could be changing. yubo, weCall, cobble, Callin, Clubhouse or Amino might be listed next year.

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