New Social Apps to Use 2024 Among Friends IRL

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New Social App to use 2024 among Friends IRL


1. weCall: FaceTime Meets BeReal

What is weCall

weCall is like FaceTime meets BeReal.


weCall enables you to call with friends using both front and back camera simultaneously.

So you can see each other during the call and show what you see.


Front & Rear Camera Video Call

weCall shows both camera, enabling an immersive and interactive experience like no other.

Likewise BeReal photo, you will show yourself and what you see right now but weCall makes that during the call.


So it is not just a video call.

Celebrate Friendship Rather Than Chase After Followers

weCall is dedicated to fostering genuine connections between friends rather than encouraging a race for followers.

What you can do on weCall is to have a call and cherish your friendship.

Virtually together

With weCall, experience the sensation of being in the same location as your friends, regardless of the miles that separate you.

The app is currently available for free download from the Apple Store.

Real Friends Real Time Real You

weCall is not just a video call but being yourself. weCall is encouraging people to be themselves instead of chasing number of followers or likes.

weCall does not have any features to manipulate you or make you feel fomo, just being yourself.

What you can do on weCall

Watch movies and sports

One of the interesting thing you can do on weCall is watching some of exciting scene of sports or movies together.

You can upload some of the moment of sports, watch together, react or talk about it, and even you can record to share on other social.


Share memories and cherish friendship

You can just upload your daily life, old memories which reminiscence good time with your friends!


2. Nocam: Video Social communication app

What is Nocam

Nocam is a social video app that accelerates a more authentic social interaction by turning off the camera's preview function as users record.

So this app is like weCall without video call function.

This is designed to enable a more organic capture of moments, as users won't be able to view themselves and potentially feel self-aware or compelled to adjust their look. The idea is crafted to mimic real-life encounters where individuals don't constantly see their own reflection.

They also have calendar function to check with friends, so this is one of great closed social app!

3. BeReal

BeReal is a unique social media app that prompts you at a random time each day to take a photo within a two-minute window.

This means you cannot edit or apply filters to your photos, but can only post the raw, in-the-moment snapshot taken with your camera upon receiving the notification.

However, you retain control over when to post the photo, as the notification won't vanish until you tap on it.

BeReal is for Authenticity

Likewise Poparazzi, BeReal is trying to build genuine and less toxic social media for teens.

On Instagram, Body image issues are real, which many of teens develop eating disorder.

So BeReal is one of the social media app to make it less toxic and better for mental health.

4. Made With Friends

Made with Friends may visually remind you of Twitter, and its system shares similarities with the Poparazzi app. However, it sets itself apart with a unique feature: tagging accompanied by questions.

Social App to Tag your friends

You can tag them with phrases, for example, "@YourFriend always pushes her hair back before talking to her bf."

As you tag your friend's personality and what your friend is likely to be like, the post will be added to his/her timeline.

"Your friends know you more than you do". This phrase fits Made with Friends.

5. Locket

What is Locket app?

Contrary to expansive social networks where you amass a multitude of friends, Locket maintains an intimate, close-knit environment, akin to the weCall app.

In this application, you're limited to adding a maximum of five friends. Sure, apps that allow you to share content with a broad audience are fun, but they can somewhat inhibit the range of what you feel comfortable sharing.

Photo-widget social app

As hinted by the name, Locket offers you the ability to share your photos as widgets. This means you can display them not only within the app but also directly on your home screen.

6. Lemon8

What is Lemon8

Essentially, Lemon8 is very similar to Instagram, but it's particularly popular among teenagers have a passion for things like cosmetics, travel, makeup, and so on.

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Instagram Competitor from China with better creation

Create Content

Lemon8 is an incredibly user-friendly photo creation app as well, it makes you to craft cool designs without having design sensei.

You have the power to effortlessly produce striking graphics for your social media posts, website banners, flyers, business cards, among other things.

Be Popular

Since Lemon8 is not as popular as instagram, it has the potential to influence a large audience. But the demands of maintaining an online presence and consistently producing content can be overwhelming as well, so be aware that!

7. WeAre8: Social app for people

WeAre8 is an app that pays consumers for their time spent watching an ad for two minutes each day.

WeAre8 identifies itself as 'The People’s Platform'. To put it simply, it's a social media app that compensates users for watching advertisements.

Users have the option to either donate this compensation to charity or keep it for themselves.

Regardless of the choice, the brands advertising on the app commit to donating a percentage of their ad expenditure to charitable causes.

Other new social apps

1. Artifact: News Social App

Artifact is like just news app but you can see many comments from bunch of people who see the same news. So this is like social app for news.

Personalized news

When you first launch Artifact, you’ll see a central feed populated by stories from publications from many publishers like mashable, Washingoton Post and so on.

As you read more articles, the app will begin personalizing your feed. You can see how do you read articles, let's say 30% of articles you read was from Forbes.

Comment to the news

You can comment and read to the article you read. This is very fun to read what other people think towards the same news.

2. Bondee: Asian Social App

Bondee features 3D-animated avatars that can be customized by users, so likewise SnapChat, you can create your own avatar but in a 3D models, but Bondee is essentially a messenger application that allows users to send and receive messages from friends.

So Bondee is like 3D version of snow and snapchat.

List of Social apps and install links

1. weCall: FaceTime Meets BeReal

2. NoCam: New Social Video App

3. BeReal: Social app for authenticity

4. Made With Friends: Tag your friends

5. Locket:Photo widget app

6. Lemon8: Instagram Alternative

  1. WeAre8



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