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Play Chess on the Video Call

Chess, known as the "game of kings," has been captivating minds for centuries with its intricate strategy and mental prowess. In today's digital age, the need for meaningful connections and authentic experiences has become increasingly important, especially for young people.

weCall, the new video call app that promotes authenticity, takes the joy of connection one step further by introducing the exciting feature of playing chess.

We will explore the art of playing chess, how weCall integrates this timeless game into its platform, and the unique experiences it offers to chess enthusiasts.

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Chess: Psychological Game

Chess, when played as a psychological game while seeing each other through a video call, takes on a whole new dimension of strategy and interaction. The ability to observe your opponent's facial expressions, body language, and reactions in real-time adds an intriguing layer to the mental aspects of the game.

Here's how playing chess with video call enhances the psychological aspects.

1. Mind Games and Bluffing

With video call, you can see your opponent's expressions and reactions to various moves. This opens up the possibility of using mind games and bluffing as a tactic. You can try to mask your true intentions or create a false sense of confidence to mislead your opponent. Similarly, you need to be vigilant about your own reactions, ensuring you don't inadvertently give away your strategies.

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2. Analyzing Emotions and Nervousness

Chess can be a tense and nerve-wracking game, especially during critical moments. By seeing each other's faces on the video call, you can gauge your opponent's emotions and nervousness. Spotting signs of hesitation, stress, or excitement can provide valuable insights into their state of mind and potential weaknesses.

3. Building Psychological Pressure

A psychological game involves creating pressure on your opponent's mind. By observing their reactions, you can adjust your playstyle to put them in uncomfortable situations. A well-timed move or a surprising tactic can lead to confusion and mistakes on their part.

4. Establishing Rapport and Connection:

Chess, when played with a video call, enables players to establish rapport and connection. Engaging in friendly banter, discussing moves, and sharing thoughts can create a more relaxed atmosphere, promoting a deeper bond between players. This connection can lead to a better understanding of each other's personalities and playing styles over time.

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Play Chess on the video call

So playing chess on the video call makes you feel more engaging and exciting by seeing each other.

Use weCall

weCall has function to start a chess on the app.

weCall takes the essence of chess and combines it with the power of video calling, making the experience even more engaging and interactive.

By integrating the chess feature into the app, you can now challenge your friends to a game of chess while being able to see and hear each other in real-time.

This makes chess more psychological game.

How to play chess

There are 2 ways to start a chess on weCall. To play chess on weCall, follow steps below.

Before starting Call


  1. Open Control
  2. Choose a pawn icon
  3. Wait for a sec
  4. Login/Sign up for
  5. click link to your friends
  6. Wait for your friends to join
After Starting call


  1. Open Control
  2. Choose a pawn icon
  3. Wait for a sec
  4. Login/Sign up for
  5. Wait for your friends to join



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