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Record Video like BeReal

The way we capture and share moments has evolved significantly. With the rise of platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Snapchat, recording videos has become more than just a way to document events – it's an art form.

One app that has taken the concept of video recording to a new level is weCall, revolutionizing how we express ourselves through the lens.

Let's delve into the unique features that make recording videos on weCall an authentic and captivating experience.


Front and Back Camera Recording

One of the fundamental aspects that BeReal brings to the table is the ability to seamlessly switch between the front and back cameras while taking picture, and weCall is video version of it.

This feature allows users to capture their reactions, emotions, and interactions simultaneously with the world around them.

Whether you're filming a heartfelt reaction to a surprise or sharing an exciting adventure with your friends, the ability to switch cameras on the fly provides a dynamic and immersive perspective that mirrors real-life experiences.

Authentic Video Record

weCall encourages users to embrace authenticity in their video recordings. Unlike heavily edited and polished videos often seen on other platforms, weCall promotes the charm of imperfection.

The app's interface is designed to enhance real-life moments rather than masking them.

This authenticity not only makes the videos relatable but also fosters a sense of connection among users who appreciate the raw, unfiltered content.

Authentic Reaction

The heart of weCall's appeal lies in its emphasis on capturing authentic reactions. The platform encourages users to react genuinely to various scenarios – whether it's trying a new recipe, watching a heartwarming video, or receiving a surprise gift.

The app's user-friendly interface makes it easy to record and share these reactions in a split-screen format, showcasing both the user's face and the content they're reacting to.

This approach creates a virtual space where users can connect emotionally, share experiences, and empathize with one another, making the platform a hub for genuine human interaction.

Experience Together

weCall goes beyond the conventional boundaries of video sharing by enabling users to co-record videos with friends and family, regardless of their physical location.

Front and Back Camera Video Call

This innovative feature allows people to virtually experience events together, even when they're miles apart. Whether it's celebrating a birthday, sharing a major life milestone, or simply hanging out, BeReal fosters a sense of togetherness that transcends geographical limitations. This concept of shared experiences in a digital realm reinforces the platform's commitment to creating meaningful connections.


Be together with friends

weCall has redefined the art of video recording by focusing on authenticity, genuine reactions, and shared experiences. Its features, such as the ability to switch between front and back cameras, the encouragement of imperfections, and the emphasis on capturing real emotions, set it apart from other video-sharing platforms.

By allowing you to create and share content that mirrors real-life interactions, weCall has created a virtual space where authenticity is celebrated, connection is fostered, and memories are made. So, if you're looking to record videos that truly reflect the real you, weCall is the platform that can help you capture and share authentic moments like never before.



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