Teen self-care app to make you feel better for free

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Teen Self-care app to make you feel better

Hello this is Anna, first time to write blog.

Since the covid mitigates our psychological distance among friends further, the need of understanding how to maintain mental health by oneself is skyrocketing.

As a teenager, it is getting grinding to make it nowadays because of limited access to the mental health resources, no fun things to continue, and also many apps are not for free.

weCall is one of the app for teens to connect and care each other. It is fun to connect with friends without feeling anxious or pressure thanks to the nature of the app.

weCall is totally FOMO-free and makes chatting with your friends a breeze. Plus, our brand-new interface will make you feel like you're right there with them, no matter where you are!

Snapchat, Instagram and Tiktok are my best favorite and least favorite apps since they are too toxic, and I have to feel anxious to post something there.

Just have time to forget to be with friends sometimes.

3 things you can do for self-care

1. Exercise

Exercise is one of the best way to deal with stress or anxiety. When I was just chatting with my friend, she recommended me to walk around my neighbor. And I just strolled for 30 min, I felt much better.

Instead of crying in your room, better to go out.

2. Taking a bath

But I know it could be strenuous, so alternatives for walking is taking a bath without phone. Singing, thinking about something positive, and listening to music. Those are my favorite time.

3. Drinking water

It is vital for human to drink water of course. When I have panic attack, I always drink water to make myself calm down.

According to the study about how increasing or decreasing water intake affected mood in people with different water-drinking habits, by increasing the participants’ water intake, people in the study felt more happiness, no matter how much water they normally drank.

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Teen Self-care

Teen Self-care should be fun

In my opinion, self-care should be fun, self-care needs to be fun. It is extremely boring for me to meditate, difficult for me to focus on meditation.

So one of the way to make it is find something interesting actually, but most of apps are not fun for me.

Social media is one of the way but too toxic sometimes, that's why weCall is one of my destination.

Teen Self-care should be easy

Teen self-care should be effortless, I used to have therapy sessions but so difficult to forge trustful or close relationship with therapists.

I need to go there 12 times at least, it is so exhausting.

That's why self-care needs to be easy.

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Teen Self-care should be for free

I don't have much allowance tbh and need them to be for free, I don't like some of social media require payment or see ads, so annoying.

One of the app I used to like was called Wisdo, it's mental health community app but I cannot use since it needs subscription sadly.

Teen Self-care should be 24/7

I have school, I have part-time job, so I wanna access to the self-care system whenever I want. Self-care is part of our daily wellbeing. Mental health cannot be done in just one day, it is daily care to maintain your body and heart.

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My Best Self-care apps

weCall app is self-care app embraces differences for teens

1. Calm

Best place to find meditation content

Calm App is one of the most popular breathing applications that helps in meditation and sleeping. It is also used as a medium to tackle anxiety-related problems and calming one's mind.

There are tons of contents to calm down and lead me to fall asleep.

Easy to continue

All you need to listen to it, so I usually use Calm to fall asleep.

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 14.52.33

2. weCall

Cherish your friends

It's no secret that taking care of oneself physically and mentally is important, but what is often overlooked is the vital role that friendships play in the self-care journey.

For teenagers, friendships are a source of support, validation, and companionship. It's natural for young people to seek out friends who share similar interests, values, and experiences, and these relationships can be incredibly meaningful and enriching. But beyond just being fun and enjoyable, friendships are also an essential aspect of self-care.

So just call, talk about your life, ask about their days, cherish your friends.

For free and no ads

Of course it is for free and moreover there are no ads on weCall. I don't say I hate ads but some of ads are so annoying and terrifying because I feel my activity is traced.

3. Water Drink Reminder

Just a reminder for drinking water

I tend to forget to drink water for self-care, it is too obvious and essential that I forget if that makse sene lol

By entering my weight, and Water Drink Reminder will help me to remind me how much water do I need.

Good notifications to remind me to drink water

Water Drink Reminder has a great notification not to forget to drink water. This helps me to realize I need water. Easy self-care!

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Notifications for self-care

One thing I noticed is about notifications. When I wanna do self-care, these notifications are both beneficial and harmful.

When I meditate and am in the silence, snapchat disturbs me, when I am using weCall, Drink Water Reminder helps me not to forget to drink water as well.

So I recommend you to have no notifications on social media, and only have notifications for those health care app.

Teen Self-care is not one day

Self-care won't be done in one day. It requires exertion to make it, but there are so many apps to help you to continue it. Hope this article helps you to maintain your both physical and mental health better.




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