Tips to make friends online

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Tips to make friends online

There is nothing more important in life than a friend. It can be difficult to meet people with whom you truly connect, but with so much "normal" in our lives these days, we are seeking social connections more than ever, and some of us may be craving new and exciting ties.

People say that we are now in the perfect environment to make new friends, but it seems so difficult.

So here are some tips on making friends to help you learn the best ways to build lasting friendships.

Tips 1. Giving is everything

First thing you need to understand is that giving is very important. Lucius Annaeus Seneca says that friendship is not about getting something, but giving something.

Giving makes you happy, not taking something from others. Even if you have money, it will not make you happy. Happiness will be in giving.

Just reaching out and just say how are you?

Giving makes you happy, is that true?

You might want to vent, you might say something bad to your friends, but you need to understand that will make your friends tired. It will not make you happy at all, and you will not make friends by that.

According to the study done by Utah State University, people who got asked to rate their happiness and given an envelope containing either $5 or $20 were randomly assigned to either spend money on themselves or on someone else at the end of the day.

"Those who spent the money on someone else reported happier moods than those who spent the money on themselves. A separate group was asked to predict outcomes of the experiment and most believed those who spent money on themselves would be happier. Not only were they wrong, they were significantly wrong. The research suggests “thinking about money may propel individuals toward using their financial resources to benefit themselves, but spending money on others can provide a more effective route in increasing one’s own happiness.”

Making friends and giving them your genuine care

What if your friends start to vent at the first convo? It might feel exhausting to talk to. So instead, giving your positive energy to others, and that makes you feel happy as well.

Tips 2. Be active online to make friends

Needless to say, you won't make friends by just waiting for someone to find you.

You need to be active to make friends.

Add friends from you

If you find good friends, check your friends. Friends of friends might share something in common.

Just visit their profile and read their bio or post they made before, and if you are interested in that person, add them from you.

Invite your friends

Inviting your friends will enhance your trust because others can see you have good friends on the app. Your friends will talk about you, your friends of friends might add you as well.

Tips 3. Joining communities to make friends

Joining communities is fun. Anime communities, K-pop, whatever you like!

If you love to find like-minded friends, joining the communities will be the best way to make friends!

Post something interesting

After joining the communities, all you need is to post something interesting which community members might like.

If you join local communities, you can share some good store/places to have fun, gather or eat. If you join the hobby communities, just share your fav things and ask if other members in the community like.

Comment on someone who shares interesting

In the communities, you can see some people share things you love. So all you need is to comment, don't be shy!

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Tips 4. Don't give your number of snap before trusting them

If you go to online communities, make friends apps, social networking app, sometimes you see people who ask for your number or snapchat.

Of course some of them are just trying to have call or be with you in the place they prefer, but not always.


Scammers are all over the world and on every social media. Of course, trying to make the place safe, but not 100%.

What scammers do?

What scammers will do to you is to get your personal information or number, and send something you might click to check and make you pay.

Say they've noticed suspicious activity or log-in attempts on your account

  • Claim there's a problem with your account or payment information
  • Say you need to confirm or update personal information
  • Include a fake invoice
  • Ask you to click on a link to make a payment
  • Claim you're eligible to sign up for a government refund
  • Offer a coupon for free goods or services

SnapChat scam

Snapchat scammers are really annoying, and according to an investigation done by Sky News, it revealed that under 25s are six times more likely to fall victim to fraudsters on social media than over 50s – which is why criminals target youngsters in particular on snap, instagram etc.

Some of them say I am sugar daddy, some of them say just I'll give you money, but they never send you money.

I encounter the snapchat scammers and they said "This is secret opportunity to invest, and if you give me $1000, I'll send $3000 after 2 days."

Don't give any numbers or snap immediately or publicaly.


Tips5. Do not accept friend request unless you see mutual friends

You might get added by unknown person, but how do you trust them? Of course you can see their posts, their profile pics and so on, but more importantly, you need to check mutual friends.

If you don't have any mutual friends, and the person does not have any friendes, better not add the person.

Tips6. Introduce your friends to other friends

If you want to get more friends, it could be better to introduce your friends.

Even if you have a vibrant social circle, chances are you know someone around the periphery that is a bit more lonely. Introducing them to other people and inviting them to events can not only help them, but it can make everyone involved more happy.

Help your friends recognize certain commonalities and/ or talking points by making connections that don't necessarily include you.

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