Video call app opening both front and back camera at the same time

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Video call app opening both front and back camera at the same time

Is there any video call apps opening both front and back camera at the same time?


In the diverse landscape of social networking platforms, weCall is rapidly carving out a niche for itself with its unique approach to video calling.

Its groundbreaking feature allowing users to utilize both front and back cameras simultaneously is redefining how we interact digitally, creating a shared background that brings a new level of depth to online communication.

weCall: Front and Back Camera Video Call

weCall isn't just about staying connected—it's about sharing experiences in real time and fostering meaningful relationships.

Instead of simply focusing on face-to-face conversation like most other video call apps, weCall emphasizes sharing the world around you, using its novel dual-camera feature.


The Dual-Camera Feature: Bringing Context to Conversation

What sets weCall apart from the crowd is its capability to simultaneously use both the front and back cameras of a device during a video call. This unique feature not only allows teens to see each other but also share their surroundings, thereby providing a shared background.

For instance, if a user is at a music festival or exploring a new city, they can share their live experiences with friends, providing a view from their perspective. This isn't just about showing faces—it's about sharing experiences, making conversations more immersive and enriching. The shared background brings an extra layer of context to the call, creating a more engaging and meaningful interaction.


Simplicity at Its Core

Despite its innovative features, weCall remains user-friendly. Much like apps such as WhatsApp and FaceTime, starting a video call is as simple as adding a friend's phone number from your contacts and initiating the call.

Record your video call

Have you ever wanted to save those hilarious moments or crucial discussions during your video calls? Wouldn't it be great to capture and revisit these experiences?

Record video call with audio is tough

Currently, iOS does not allow you to record your video call with full audio that you need to record by using voice memo or using 2 phones on your hands, and edit them in a nice way afterwards.

There are no great tools to use without breaking the bank. So weCall is the only one app which allows you to make a video call content without tiresome edit or payment.

weCall allows you to record the screen with audio easily.


Privacy and User Consent

If you would love to capture memorable moments during video calls, apps like weCall is excellent tools.

It's crucial to remember that recording video calls involves responsibility. Gaining consent from everyone involved is not only a matter of respect, it's also important to uphold privacy laws and ethical standards.

weCall allows you to get consent unlike FaceTime.

Exploring More Features

Apart from the dual-camera feature, weCall has more in store for its users. It allows users to record their video calls, enabling them to revisit and relive their shared experiences.

It's easy to do—users can go to the recording page during a call to start recording, ensuring that no moment is lost.


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