Video Call: Topics to Talk About For Teens

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Video Call: Topics to Talk About For Teens

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Environment and Nature: Urban vs. Rural Living

  1. Population Density: Urban areas are densely populated while rural areas have fewer people.

  2. Facilities: Cities have better educational, medical, and recreational facilities compared to villages.

  3. Lifestyle: Fast-paced, always-on-the-go in cities versus a laid-back lifestyle in rural areas.

  4. Pollution: Cities often have higher levels of pollution, while rural areas offer cleaner air and surroundings.

  5. Community Relations: Tight-knit communities in villages versus somewhat anonymous living in cities.

  6. Economic Opportunities: More job opportunities in urban settings compared to rural areas.


Film and Media: The Role of Media in Society

  1. Information Source: Media as a primary source of news and updates.

  2. Influencing Public Opinion: How media can shape or manipulate public perception.

  3. Representation: The importance of showing diverse characters and stories.

  4. Entertainment: The media as a source of relaxation and entertainment.

  5. Educational Tool: Using media to inform and educate audiences on specific issues.

  6. Regulation and Censorship: The balance between freedom of expression and societal norms.

Social Media and Internet Culture: The Influence of Memes

  1. Cultural Reflection: Memes as a reflection of current societal sentiments.

  2. Viral Nature: How and why certain memes go viral.

  3. Language Evolution: New words and phrases that have arisen from meme culture.

  4. Marketing: Companies using memes for branding and advertisement.

  5. Memes and Politics: Memes playing a role in modern political discourse.

  6. Mental Health: The potential negative effects of meme culture on mental health.

Food and Drink: Your Go-to Comfort Food

  1. Historical Roots: Origins and history of the comfort food.

  2. Emotional Connection: Why certain foods make us feel better or remind us of childhood.

  3. Cultural Variations: Comfort foods from around the world.

  4. Health Implications: Are comfort foods healthy, or do they lean toward being junk food?

  5. Cooking at Home: Sharing recipes and cooking methods.

  6. Food Trends: How comfort foods evolve or come back into fashion.

Career and Education: The Pros and Cons of Online Courses

  1. Accessibility: Online courses providing education to those who can't attend physical classrooms.

  2. Flexibility: Students can learn at their own pace and on their own schedule.

  3. Variety: A wide range of courses available from institutions worldwide.

  4. Technical Issues: Challenges related to internet access, software issues, etc.

  5. Lack of Social Interaction: Missing out on face-to-face interactions with peers and instructors.

  6. Quality Concerns: Not all online courses provide quality education.

Personal Identity: How to Discover Your Passion

  1. Self-reflection: The importance of taking time to think about one's likes and dislikes.

  2. Experimentation: Trying out different activities or hobbies to see what resonates.

  3. Feedback: Getting opinions from friends, family, or mentors.

  4. Past Experiences: Analyzing past roles or projects that were particularly enjoyable.

  5. Educational and Career Choices: Aligning passion with studies and job opportunities.

  6. Overcoming Challenges: Navigating societal or personal pressures that might deter one from pursuing their passion.

Other topics to talk about

Self-Identity and Personal Growth

Personal Values and Beliefs

Each individual is molded by a unique set of values, often influenced by family, culture, and personal experiences. Delving into these can provide insight into one's motivations and actions.


The teenage years are a time of exploration and self-realization. Sharing moments of epiphany or events that shaped personal beliefs can be both enlightening and therapeutic.

Personal Challenges

Every teen faces challenges, whether academic, personal, or societal. Discussing these obstacles and the strategies to overcome them can inspire and provide support to peers.

Building Self-Confidence

Self-esteem often fluctuates during adolescence. Exploring ways to boost self-confidence, from engaging in hobbies to positive self-affirmations, can be empowering.

Role of Peer Pressure

Peer influence can be both positive and negative. Analyzing its role in decision-making can lead to better personal choices in the future.

Favorite Music Genres

Sharing Favorite Songs

Music serves as an emotional outlet for many. Sharing and discussing favorite songs can lead to understanding personal stories and feelings more profoundly.

Influence on Mood and Emotions

The impact of music on emotions is vast. Whether it's a song that uplifts or one that resonates with sadness, discussing these feelings can be cathartic.

Concert Experiences

Attending a live concert can be an exhilarating experience. Sharing memories, from the atmosphere to the performance, can be a joyful trip down memory lane.

Evolution of Music

From vinyl to streaming, the way we consume music has changed. Discussing these shifts can lead to fascinating conversations about technology and culture.

Music as Self-Expression

For many, music is more than just entertainment. It's a means to express feelings, beliefs, and even protest. Discussing songs that have personal or societal significance can be enlightening.

Travel Dreams and Bucket Lists

Dream Destinations

Every individual has places they yearn to visit. Discussing these dream destinations, from serene beaches to bustling cities, can be a journey of imagination.

Bucket List Experiences

Beyond destinations, there are experiences, like witnessing the Northern Lights or diving in the Great Barrier Reef, that many yearn for. Sharing and discussing these dreams can be inspiring.

Cultural Festivals

The world is filled with vibrant festivals, from India's Holi to Brazil's Carnival. Exploring these cultural celebrations can lead to understanding traditions and histories.

Backpacking Adventures

The idea of exploring the world with just a backpack is enticing to many. Sharing stories or plans about backpacking trips can lead to discussions about freedom, adventure, and self-reliance.

Travel Learnings

Every trip teaches something, be it about the world or oneself. Reflecting on these lessons can lead to deeper insights into personal growth and global understanding.


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