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VR Call on the phone

Virtual reality technology can often be cumbersome and prohibitively expensive, requiring specialized headsets and equipment.

However, with the launch of the innovative weCall app in 2023, you can now experience the benefits of VR calling using nothing more than their smartphones, enabling them to explore new virtual environments and connect with friends in exciting and immersive ways.

It's like VR call on the phone.

What is VR Call on the phone?

Imagine having the ability to share the same background with your friends and experience the feeling of being in the same place together.

This is precisely what the innovative VR Call feature on the weCall app offers users. While traditional VR Chat often requires a headset and specialized equipment, the weCall app enables you to enjoy the similar VR experience with nothing more than your iPhone and the app itself.

Through the use of a green screen effect, the app provides a similar level of immersion and interactivity to traditional VR, allowing you to explore new virtual environments and connect with friends in exciting ways.

Best of all, the app is available for free on the Apple Store, making it accessible to anyone looking to connect with friends and explore new virtual horizons.


What you can do on VR Call on the phone?

Share memories together

By utilizing the VR Call feature on the weCall app, you can share precious memories with your friends and loved ones, no matter the distance between you.

Whether you're reminiscing about past adventures or simply enjoying each other's company in a virtual space, the app's ability to upload photos and videos allows you to relive cherished moments in a completely immersive way.

So why not try out VR Call on your phone and experience the thrill of being with your friends and loved ones, no matter where life takes you?

Tiktok Collaboration

The VR Call feature on the weCall app offers users the unique opportunity to collaborate with friends and loved ones on TikTok content, even when separated by great distances. By simply placing a call to a friend or partner, users can engage in fun and creative collaborations that result in exciting and shareable content.

Whether it's a dance routine, a comedy skit, or a heartwarming message, the possibilities for TikTok collaborations are endless. So why not download the weCall app today and start exploring the exciting new world of virtual collaborations?

Watching video together on the phone

You can watch video together with friends or partners. Since you can upload video as background, you can co-watch the video with friends or partners on VR Call on your phone.

This experience is very immersive and fun!

Dance together

You can dance together by uploading Tiktok video for example. You and your friends are there, and you can upload a video like BTS, Black Pink, Taylor Swift, whoever you wanna dance with your friends.

Make memes on VR Call

You can create memes on VR call as well. You can be a famous person, you can be part of the background pic like below.

Screen Shot 2022-11-02 at 1.13.05 (1)

Memes are everywhere, but there are few creatives which include you.

How to make first VR call?

VR Call is now available on weCall but only iOS.

All you need is to install weCall and just invite some of your friends, then just call like video call.

You can see the options for Call, Record and Capture.

How to start VR Call on weCall

  1. Get the invitation from friends
  2. Download weCall on you phone
  3. Add friends from your contact
  4. Start a VR Call
  5. Upload video or pics
  6. Just have fun on weCall!
  • To upload video, you can get from youtube, instagram, tiktok and search tiktok downloader or instagram downloader to upload on weCall VR Call
  • and are really amazing tools to download video

Why VR Call on the phone?

1. No need headset, just on your phone

Unlike the other VR experience, of course the experience itself is not that amazing like VR, but you don't have to have headset to make it happen.

This kind of immersive experience is still amazing though.

2. Nurture the relationship and friendship

With weCall, you can enjoy the benefits of real-time, face-to-face communication with their friends and loved ones, regardless of where you are located.

The app's innovative features, such as the green screen call and VR Call, allow you to share experiences, collaborate on projects, and engage in meaningful conversations that help foster strong and lasting relationships.

3. Online Tutoring or Collaboration

weCall can be used for online tutoring and coaching, where teachers and coaches can use the app to connect with their students and clients in real-time.

Or, it can be also used for online collaboration since it allows you to record both you and your friends voice simultaneously.

The green screen call feature can be used to enhance the learning experience by providing visual aids and demonstrations.

4. Re-inventing the experience of video call

weCall represents the latest innovation in video calling technology, building upon decades of advancements in remote communication to offer a more immersive and personalized experience.

From the first video calls made in the 1970s to the emergence of popular video chat apps in recent years, weCall has taken video calling to the next level with features like green screen calls and VR Call, revolutionizing the way we connect and communicate with each other.



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