weCall Mission: Not just communication app

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weCall Mission: Not just communication app

Why we create weCall

We have been developing a social media app for misfits, outsiders, and hipsters who have been neglected by major tech companies.

Our aim was to create a platform where users could be their authentic selves, without worrying about the pressure to amass followers or likes.

However, we soon realized that creating a social media platform without toxicity was more challenging than we anticipated.

Despite our best efforts, number of users didn't grow as we expected.

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We recognized that while people dislike toxic behavior and FOMO (fear of missing out), they still crave social validation and connections.

Therefore, we shifted our focus and are now developing a new app called weCall.

weCall is a communication app where users can focus on fostering meaningful friendships instead of chasing followers or likes.


What is weCall

Green Screen Call App

If considering the function of weCall, it's like FaceTime meets Green Screen.

You and your friends are in the same background shared by one, and your background is removed. You can feel as if you and your friends are in the same place.

How do we try to make social network less toxic

No numbers

On weBelong, you cannot see the likes that other people have received, or you cannot see the number of followers or friends others have.

You can only see what you have received. We believe that without the ability to make comparisons, people can stop the vain competition and focus on being themselves.

Make people's life fun

weBelong have several functions to stay in touch with your friends. One new feature, where you can call with your friends in a VR way, will help you to be with friends more online even if you cannot meet them.

You will feel more connected, you can find someone to belong.



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