What is Green Screen Video?

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What is Green Screen Video?

A green screen video is a technique used in film and video production where a specific color, typically green, is used as the background for a video or photograph. The background is then replaced with a digital or filmed image using special software, allowing for the creation of seamless composites and special effects. The technique is commonly used in news broadcasts, movies, and other forms of video production.

Here are some of examples.



The Growing Trend of Green Screens

The trend of green screens is growing for several reasons. One of the main reasons is that it allows for greater flexibility and creativity in film and video production. By using a green screen, filmmakers and video producers can shoot footage in a controlled environment and then add in backgrounds and special effects later, giving them more control over the final look of the footage.

Additionally, the cost of green screen technology has decreased in recent years, making it more accessible to a wider range of production companies and individuals. Finally, the increasing popularity of streaming services and online content has led to a greater demand for visually-compelling content, which green screens can help to create.


Tiktok Algorithm gives boost to the Green Screen content

Among Tiktok creators, it is said that Tiktok gives a boost to green screen content. Many popular TikTok challenges and trends involve the use of green screens, which can help to increase the visibility of green screen content on the platform as well.

How to create Green Screen Video?

Use weBelong

weBelong is an app to create a green screen video and have a call by using green screen.

Here is how to use weBelong.

  1. Install weBelong app on AppStore
  2. Register/Create Account or Log In
  3. Upload video on VR call tab
  4. Tap record button on the right top
  5. Stop recording by tapping red bar on the top
  6. Automatic saved so check the photo folder upload on Tiktok


Use CapCut

CapCut is app for editing tiktok content.

Here is how to generate green screen video by CapCut.

Tap on "New project" and choose a video as the background. Or you can also select multiple video clips as background. Then, tap on "Add."

Click on "Overlay" at the bottom of the screen and tap "Add overlay." Then, select the green screen video you want to add to the background.

Tap the green screen video and scroll the tools at the bottom. Find the "Chrome key" button and tap on it. The color picker will pop up. Then, you can select the green color or any other colors you wish to be remove.

Tap on the "Intensity." Then, you will see a slider at the bottom. Drag and drop the slider until the selected color disappears.

Sometimes, the lighting of the subject may be different from the background lighting. In this case, you can tap on "Shadow" to decrease or increase the shadows.

Then just export video and upload on Tiktok!

Green Screen Video ideas

"Teleport Challenge": Create a video of yourself "teleporting" from one location to another using green screen effects.

IMG 9967 (1)

"Superhero Transformation": Use green screen effects to show yourself transforming into a superhero.

"Weather Forecast": Create a funny weather forecast video where you are giving a forecast for different planets or dimensions using green screen effects.

DALL·E 2023-01-25 17.33.25 - a woman is doing weather forecasting virtually (1)

"Dream Vacation": Use green screen to transport yourself to a dream vacation destination and show off your adventures.

"Magician trick": Use green screen effects to perform a magic trick.

"Time Travel": Use green screen effects to show yourself traveling through different time periods.


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