Our Mission

Creating a social environment where people with differences can thrive.


You are curious, persistent, challeger in the unpredictable situations, and try-and error in the darkness. You enjoy inventing new algorithms and coding to develop elegant solutions for complex problems.

You are curious, creative, ethical and detail-oriented. You are a person with passion for designing and developing new products based on your hypothesis and data.

And if you love diversity, then this is the perfect opportunity to join us!

Mobile App Engineer

Your responsibilities:

Implement new approaches to understanding, decision making, and output generation for conversational friends Build, test, and deploy AI driven conversational friends

Better to have:

Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent preferred
2+ years of experience in building backend services or data platforms
1+ years of experience in building high performance data processing infrastructure taking into account concurrency, latency and efficiency by profiling, reviewing logs, etc.
5+ years of experience with Java, React, Node, Swift, or Kotlin
Evidence of architectural or design influence on backend services
Track record of working successfully with cross-functional teams
Deep experience building data platforms such as on AWS or GCP
You have an online portfolio or PDF that you can share with us. A link to your online portfolio, or a PDF, is required. Applications without a portfolio are unlikely to be considered.


Your responsibilities:

We have 2 openings for internship.
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